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Not Currently Planned

Remember the size and position of the Edit Backup Sets window

It would be great if Mozy were able to remember the size and position of its various windows.

For example, if I go to the Backup Sets tab within the Settings window, and right-click on a set and select "Edit Backup Set", the new window that pops up is very tiny - it's much, much too small to be of any practical use. So I have to drag the window out to a larger size using my mouse.

It would firstly be great if Mozy's default size for that window were bigger in the first place, but more importantly, it would be VERY helpful if Mozy remembered the size, and the position on my screen, of that window after I've changed/moved it. I find it such a pain in the neck to have to resize that window EVERY SINGLE TIME I edit a backup set!!!

I'm not sure if there are any other Mozy windows that this also would apply to, but if they are, please add them to this request.

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I each time have to resize all tabs in backup history just to view the numbers fully =\

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As an addition to the above suggestion of mine: Mozy should also remember the position and width of the columns on the Backup Sets page, as well as the moveable vertical panel divider between the two halves of the Backup Sets page.



Status changed to: Not Currently Planned
We've talked about it before. Part of our problem is that most people set it and won't touch it for months, generally once set most people leave it for a long time. We haven't fully ruled it out, but it's not a very high priority at this point.
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Not sure I understand - do you mean most people set their Backup Sets and then don't edit them for months? Well, maybe that's so with some users, but other users do edit their Backup Sets more often (like me). And even if we do only edit them infrequently, it's still such a pain to have to always resize that tiny window every time.


At the very least, you should make that window's default size a lot bigger than it is. If it were big enough to start with, then it wouldn't need to be resized. Having it open up full-screen would be best.


I see this as a fairly standard feature (windows remembering their size/position) which pretty much every Windows application can do these days. Seems strange for an app like Mozy not to know how. It makes the app feel like it's some 10-year-old program or something.