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Being Discussed

Re: Payment Option: PayPal

Please consider adding this.


Every time you try to charge my credit card, the payment fails because after 2 years I often have my card replaced (due to damage or expiry).


A recurring PayPal payment would be much better.

Community Manager


Status changed to: Being Discussed
Community Manager


@BenBasson - Thank you for taking the time to post feedback in our Idea Exchange! This would certainly be a great addition to our payment options. I will bring this up with our developers and see if this can be added as a future update for all Mozy customers. 


Let me know if you have any additional comments or feedback on this or another subject. We're always happy to get as much feedback as possible. 


Have a great day!

Overlord Level 1


@ShawnL ... I have the same situation as @BenBasson , and probably many others. 


Credit cards expire, banks issue new credit cards, cards are replaced due to possible fraudulent use, etc.  My bank just decided to switch from MasterCard to Visa ... so everyone got a new card.  PayPal is stable and I use it frequently. 


It would probably be a good payment method to offer.  Lots of folks have it on the payment list.






Great feedback. The more convenience we can provide customers, the better.