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Being Discussed

Need an email from Mozy when storage limit is hit

MozyHome is advertised on your website as "set it and forget it".  Which I did.  But months later I found out that Mozy had not been backing up our 4 computers for weeks.  It was because we had hit our storage limit.  In the Mac version of MozyHome, there is no way to get a notification when the storage limit is hit.  In fact, the Mac Notification Center keeps saying Mozy backed up.  Every day.  I only got suspicious because the number of files it claimed to have backed up was exactly the same.  Day after day.  One day, I got bored and looked online, and found we had hit our limit, and in fact Mozy had not backed up in weeks or months.  This is unacceptable.  This is not "set it and forget it".


So, I am suggesting that Mozy send an auto email to the account holder when the storage limit is hit, and perhaps, also when any of the computers have not backed up in XX days or weeks.  This is not hard.  We get them from our cell carriers.  You have our email address.  You know we hit the limit.  It's not asking a lot to tell us.







The Mozy Support team has already submitted a request for the alerts you noted.

We have yet to see them come to fruition, but the request has already been made.



Status changed to: Being Discussed
Community Manager


For reference, here is another Idea Exchange post requesting the same information:


Home needs e-mail notices