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Shogun Level 1



Linux client, even without a UI or auto backup

Having a Linux client is desperatly needed. Even if it was just a command version with no UI, you have to do it all through terminal would be better than not having one at all. Even if you had to redo everything every time, and didn't do incremental backups at first. Get like a super alpha that basically just uploads the files selected to the datacenters.


Obviously getting a UI would be good, but not needed at first as most Linux users can operate fine in terminal.



I agree entirely - my current system involves using rsync to get all of my files onto an external usb drive and then using a windows 7 VM to backup this USB drive to Mozy.  The ability to even use rsync to the Mozy servers would be excellent and without a Linux solution my subscription will be allowed to lapse when it expires in favour of CrashPlan.


Shogun Level 1


That's almost what I do. I use dropbox to "backup' my files on Linux with dropbox, and have it installed on my Windows box and backup the dropbox folder with Mozy. That way I have two online backups which is nice, and the files are synced between the two (and my other) computers.




Please provide rsync compatibility for mozy.




Right.  Its useless without Linux support.



What about coding it ? Seems like the mozy client will not be too difficult to reverse (no anti-debug / code obfuscation).

I don't have enough time to work it completly myself, but if we could build a team, I could be part of it.

Anyone (with reverse/dev skils) interested in this project ?



I am discontinuing my Mozy subscription for this reason. There are several alternative companies out there (I won't mention any) that offer similar features/pricing AND offer support across all platforms (i.e., by using open standards like SFTP, rsync, whatever).



Yes, a Linux (Ubuntu) solution would be a good reason to get a paying subscription. Ubuntuone seems to me to be still more beta than anything else.


Yes, I need a Linux, client, too.


I am a (paying) Mozy Pro user and backup my XP machine with it.


I *could* do things through Windows, but why?  


Some Linux to Windows options:

  I could tar up my Linux trees and copy them to Windows via Samba, rsync, or scp.

  I could use Unisom.

  I could check everything into a version control system and clone it on Windows.

  I could use rsync or scp -r.

  I could save everything on a NAS at home and backup to Mozy Pro.

  I could save to Dropbox and back it up on my Windows machine to Mozy.


No matter the Windows option, I end up losing a lot, by copying to Windows.  it would definitely take more work and it would eventually break.


As I understand it, and I might be wrong, the backends to Mozy are all Linux servers, doing rsync, etc.  (That sounds doable).


And, as I understand it, and I might be wrong, the GUI to Mozy is written in Java.  (That also sounds doable).


So, if the above two are correct, why not create a Mozy client for Linux machines?  (Ubuntu Lucid or Meerkat is a plus, in my book, too, but not necessarily a requirement -- command line or GUI).


I would *definitely* buy a second account for Linux.  It's cheap and works!  I'd even recommend it to others.  (I already recommend the Windows or Mac version to others, but I tell people that there is no Linux client, which almost always gets scowls).


I do most of my work on Linux.  I do my critical work (except tax forms) on Linux.  I do my email on Linux.  (On the other hand, my wife saves pictures on Windows, so her stuff is critical, too, and I don't want to get rid of Mozy Pro for Windows, I want to *add* Linux).


My main alternative is Dropbox, which I checked out on my Linux box, today.  I liked it.  It's fast, too.  I can script that.  


Maybe it's what Mozy wants me to do for Linux?


I'd rather have Mozy Pro on Linux.  



I am a paying client and I NEED a linux mozy client on my machine. GUI may be dropped. Network/CPU activity monitoring may be dropped. Essentially I only need it to upload data. I have no use of a GUI when I cron a backup task. Please make it happen. More and more ppl move their workstations over to the linux and I'm sure you would like to have more technically savvy ppl as clients (boosts the quality of the self-support forums).



So almost 6 months for this thread, and still no word on a Linux client?


I am among those who would get purchase a subscription, if there were a Linux client.




I can't add any more to what's already been said above. Just want to add my voice that we need a Linux client for Mozy!


Please let us know when a Linux client will be released. Thanks.



oh well, been waiting long enough for any response re linux.  I've switched out of windows to ubuntu and am happily using dropbox.  Would like to keep mozy too for long term backup, but hey it does not look like they are interested.  Heading off to cancel account.



Ditto on the Linux version. There's a market for it. Make a simple beta and we'll be your alpha testers.






Unfortunately right now we have no plans to release a linux client but keep checking back in with us in the future, as this may change.







People, I been waiting a long for a linux client so I decide to go forward with Dropbox.


It has a windows/linux client gui and a web gui all for free.


Sorry for that, I can't wait any more.





Don't hesitate to try Dropbox


   (Link removed)  Sorry, we aren't going to advertise competitors on our site......


Tech  :-)




I'm a hardcore linux user and would not only pay for my own business backups, but for several additional clients whose offices I've automated with linux.  The lack of a backup solution for linux is pathetic, considering that all your technology is linux compatible: (rsync? - Hello?)  I just signed up, but I'm heading for the door.  Too bad, Reputable name, the right product for a good price, but VM based backups are a mickey mouse solution, and I'm not stupid enough to run a small business on either Microsoft Windows or OSX.  Pros use linux.  Consumers use fast, cheap, and buggy.



Are there plans to build a Linux Client?   We will be moving our servers over to Ubuntu in the near future

and we are shopping around for an internet backup solution for a small number of PC's running Ubuntu.

I am testing this out on a Windows Client to evaluate and see if there is any Linux Support.




I will probably going to switch to a competitor once my curreny Mozy subscription expires.  I would prefer to keep Mozy because of their reputation, but I no longer use Windows on my primary machines.



All the competitors include Linux. It is about time Mozy steps up especially since they dropped the unlimited version. Give us something for paying more!



I'm hearing you guys!  As am employee of Mozy, I'd like to see a Linux app as well.  Let me inquire as to what the powers that be are planning and I will post what I find out on here.. 


Tech  :-)




How does one "vote up" a thread?  I'm cast one vote for sure for a Linux client!



JackGFuller, click on the arrow left of the idea, or if on the page of listed ideas then on the right side. It's a big white arrow that doesn't look like a button



Status changed to: Being Discussed
This is something we've been considering for a long time. It may still be a long time before anything is actually done about it. In the Linux world, there's so much to consider and we want to get it right. But do know that we are aware of this and are not ignoring it.


I support this idea, even if it was just a command version, no matter at all, BUT INCREMENTAL BACKUP IS VERY IMPORTANT, that's why I want mozy for linux, because there are some services that offers backups but not incremental backups. I support this idea, even a command version would be great, because would be Mozy's quality and service and incremental backups. Of course I would be glad to pay for this.


Greetings from México




Elite Level 2


I ONLY need a console version. None of my Linux servers have any GUI installed on them. New one called Tomahawk supports Linux as well as Exchange message level backups.


Any new updates on what is being discussed in regards to a Linux client - it's been almost 1 year.


This is something that is definitely needed.  You have to signup for a minimum of 3 computers - do I get a discount if 1 of those computers happens to be Linux and I can't fully use my subscription?


Could you add the ability to backup a network drive into the MozyHome product so we can at least work around you not having a Linux version of the app?



Hi Mozy


How is it going with a Linux client, iám in a crossroad where i have to know if Mozy will have a Linux client in the near future or start a merge to a solution that have Linux support. I would appreciate if i can get an answer as soon as possible.






I'm currently a paying customer. After switching from Windows to Linux I've unfortunately been forced to go with a competitor (which does have a Linux option). I think I still have quite a few months paid up on Mozy so please let me know if a Ubuntu option becomes available in the future. Also how many Linux users do you need before a Linux client is viable/profitable?



It is unbelievable! I've just payed 70$ and found that there is NO version for my OS.