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Being Discussed

Home needs e-mail notices

So people have been complaining about and suggesting that the lack of e-mail notices for no backups in x number of days for Mozy Home is something that needs changed. Mozy keeps suggesting that people pay the extortion fees for Mozy Pro but they clearly don't realize that for $5/mo ANYONE can get an Office 365 Business Essentials account that gives you 1TB of storage via One Drive for Business.  Granted, it doesn't give you notices either, but hey, if there are no notices then why pay for Mozy when you can have 8x the storage for FAR LESS $??? 


Come on Mozy, stop being so arrogant.  Stop telling users to upgrade to the way overpriced Pro version.  Since I can't get the 125GB I need in Pro, the 250GB version is $855/year compared to my 3 computers for $120/year with Mozy Home.  Mozy is just way too proud (and arrogant pride never bodes well for long term success of a company, just ask IBM's PC business) and overcharged and deliberately keeps basic features from Home users.


Needless to say, I'm very unlikely to renew my Mozy services and I'm more than happy to share my experiences with friends and family.





Thank you for the feedback. I've moved this post to the Idea Exchange so your feedback can be looked at by the appropriate group. Thanks for choosing Mozy!

With all due respect, this is a problem too and moving it to the idea Exchange means it's just going to be ignored by Mozy. After all, what enhancements, upgrades, improvements have come along except sync in the past few years? None. Mozy is stagnant. No innovation, nothing. It's like the apps in iOS and Android stores that haven't been updated in years but still cost $ to use.
Community Manager


Status changed to: Being Discussed
Community Manager


Thank you reaching out to the community and for providing feedback in our Idea Exchange forum.


This is great feedback and would be an excellent feature to implement. I will get with the developers and see if this is a feature we can add to MozyHome accounts in a future update.




Master Level 1


When MozyHome offered unlimited storage space, it was an excellent price. Unfortunately, Mozy swung the pendulem too far the other way when they ended that offer. Mozy has not had the best price for online backup for many years now.


Mozy should offer the suggested e-mail notification (by default) for all accounts...

...but make an opt out option,

Overlord Level 1


The idea of an e-mail notification in MozyHome is interesting but probably not something of interest to me.  I run the backup overnight and I am greeted every morning with a MozyHome Status screen.  It is sufficient for me.


This can be set in ....


MozyHome Settings > Options > Advanced

Check the box "Show status when backup completes"

It has been so long, I don't remember whether or not this setting is the default.


Concerning pricing .. I'm a big user of Mozy Sync in addition to MozyHome. I haven't done a great deal of research but suspect that obtaining backup services and sync services from separate companies might be in the same cost range as obtaining them together with Mozy.  Disclaimer ... non-scientific guess.