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FEATURE REQUEST: Selective restore of only files that have changed

There should be a way to restore only files that do not exist or files that are newer than what is on the existing disk.  At this time you can only restore all files with an overwrite or only files that do not exist by not using the overwrite command.


But if you have a disk from several days ago ad want to restore all changed files, you need also to be able to restore any file that has changed and that is newer on the backup than on the hard drive.


I have been using Mozy for many years and have many clients using it and have never realized the absence of this ability.


I feel this is a critical ability that can be a requirement in many situations.  It will allow for a much shorter restore and get the clients back to full functionality much sooner than having to restore an entire backup.



Brad Miller

Community Manager


@BradM - Great suggestion! I'm going to try and move this over to our Idea Exchange forum so we can get some visibility on it there. 

Community Manager


Status changed to: Being Discussed
Community Manager


@BradM - I've moved this idea over to our Idea Exchange forum so we can update the status and get this over to our development team. If you have any additional comments on this suggestion, feel free to put it in the comments below. 


Thanks again for this awesome suggestion! I really think this would be an excellent restore feature.