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Export a selection list of all files being backed up for audit purposes

I was looking for a way to export a list of all files that are being backed up on a given machine.  I am an IT consultant, and have over 60 client machines that I manage from my administrator portal.  I would like to be able to export a selection list that shows all the files that are being backed up so that I can send it to my clients on a quarterly or yearly basis to make sure we are backing up everything they need, and so that I can add any files that we are missing.  



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We sort of do this for large partners, as they can pull the config from the machine and see the folders selected that way, or the manifest directly. We also have another feature to be able to export the list from the client software, which would help as well.



What is the process to get the selection list from the config file? I have opened it up and found it human-unreadable. Thanks!




Here is what I have discovered...


The files under C:\Program Files\MozyPro\Data are SQLite database files.

You can download the SQLiteBrowser program (free, open source) from and use that program to open the files.


Also, an engineer with Mozy wrote to me on chat:


Exporting the list to a csv can be done from the Windows command line:

(1) Windows cmd method (preferred):

Open a command prompt and run the following command :

For MozyPro:

"C:\Program Files\MozyPro\mozyproutil.exe" /backedupfiles output.csv

For MozyHome:

"C:\Program Files\MozyHome\mozyutil.exe" /backedupfiles output.csv

Note: The file will saved at the location where the command was run, so please ensure that the user has navigated to the preferred directory.




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Let's see if this idea gets implemented now that it is being discussed again.