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Being Discussed

Email notification of files prior to expiry/extinction from the backup set.



Many businesses (ourselves included) typically never delete files unless they were created in error.


One of the "flaws" in Mozy is that because it simply "mirrors" the files on a server, you never really know if someone has inadvertently deleted a file until someone else discovers it missing.


With that in mind, it would be desirable to have a feature whereby either deleted files are reported (eg. file "blah" was deleted from the backup set), which might be considered the first line of defense, and secondly, since the file remains on Mozy's servers for an additional 30 days, it would desirable to be advised when a file you hold a backup copy of that is no longer on the server is due to expired and be removed from the backup.









This is a great idea, and I've heard similar ideas before form other customers.  I can see how useful this feature would seeing that if a file is deleted you would know about it right away so if the file was deleted by accident you would quickly know about it so the files can be restored before the retention policy expires on the file.


I'll have our developers take a look at this.  


Thank you for posting this idea, and please post any other questions or comments.


Thank you!

Community Manager


Status changed to: Being Discussed
Community Manager


Status changed to: Being Discussed