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Email Alerts (beta) Mozy Pro

Please keep the plain text email alerts!

I have over 10 companies that I support and monitor Mozy backups every day.

The .csv reports are time consuming as you have to open each report, then drag the column width sliders around to view the info.



I appreciate the alerts, but receiving them after I have already arrived at work is too little too late. I used to get alerts from support@mozypro that arrived around 4:00 am. I need this information before 5:00 am. How can this be adjusted?

Elite Level 1


These could be even more helpful as your client base scales if there was one concise line for each client with all the pertinent info on that line.  With that format you can see info about many clients in a very short scan of the email.



Status changed to: Being Discussed
Reporting is defiantly something that has come up a lot in the past. I have nothing to report right now, but it's been a hot topic before.


Status changed to: Implemented
We decided to keep the Email Alerts and pull them out of beta!