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Being Discussed

Allows backup only on a particular Wi-Fi network

I would be nice to have an option to allows backup only on a particular Wi-Fi network so my laptop doesn't use my mobile data when connected to my iPhone hotspot. Since i'm always connected using Wi-Fi, I can't use the  the Network Filter option.







I would like to confirm your question that you would like to have the ability to not only select networks to block or not backup from (which is a network "black list" which is what we currently offer) but you would also like to have the ability to "white list" a network so that you only backup from specific networks you choose to backup from?  


Please confirm my question and post another questions or comments.


Thank you,



Mozy Support

Community Manager


Status changed to: Need More Information



Yes, the ability to whitelist a network but not by type (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth...) like current Network Filter but by network SSID or router IP.


This way you can enable backup on home Wi-Fi but to on mobile hotspot or other Wi-Fi network (like at the coffee shop or at a hotel room).



Community Manager


@Yoshimura - Thanks for updating your Idea. I will bring this to our next developer meeting! 

If you have any additional information, please feel free to add it to this thread in the comment section below. 


Thank you for using the Mozy community!

Community Manager


Status changed to: Being Discussed



As it stands now, we do offer a network filter option on MozyPro and MozyEnterprise using a client configuration.

That can be configured to prevent backups on mobile networks and particulars along those lines.


However, on MozyHome, we currently do not offer that sort of black list.

Although, in MozyHome you do have the option to filter the network connections beyond locking out a particular connection type.