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Need More Information

Allow restore of files older than a given date.

Mozy has been an integral part of my disaster recovery plan for years; I already make periodic disc image backups. If a disc should fail, my plan is (or was) to restore the most recent image, then restore just my Mozy files that are more recent than that.


Although this sounds simple and logical to me, it turns out that with Mozy, this is not possible.  Currently, I can either specify a given file, or else download all 125GB (or request it all on disc) - those are my two choices.


This makes Mozy virtually useless to me as part of a comprehensive backup strategy.  It seems like a trivial problem to solve (I am a software/database engineer by trade); simply give me a list of all files of mine that are newer than a certain date. Without this enhancement, I am forced to start searching for an alternative to Mozy.





Thanks for reaching out today. It sounds like you are referring to the Web Restore function and after clicking the Actions pane, choosing "Change date..." to either an earlier date or a later date according to your specifications.


Do you mean you want to see all of the most recent files in a list rather than just targeting the folder, and then individually selecting the files? Can you explain in detail what you prefer?





Mozy Support



Status changed to: Need More Information
Community Manager


Hi @chuckswenson,


Just following up to add to @ScottS1's comments. You can change a date, and you can restore from any date within the data retention period on your account. To do so, follow the steps in these articles:


For Web Restores: How do I restore from an earlier date using the web restore dashboard?

For In-Client Restores: Restore from a previous date, using the Mozy backup software


Please let me know if you have further questions, or if your request is something other than we're reading it as.

Community Manager


@chuckswenson - Did @angelag or @ScottS1 response help? If not, and you're looking for additional functionality, please post another comment below so we can update your request.