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Welcome to the Mozy Support Community. In order to participate in the Community you must have a Mozy account. If you do not have a Mozy account, you can sign up for a free account here.

If you have used online forums before, then you should be comfortable with the Mozy Community. It is straight forward and designed for simplicity. If you are new to using forums, this page contains getting started tips to help improve your experience in the Community.


The Community Blogs allow us to announce important information like Community contests, upcoming releases, product tips, product enhancements, and much more. Visit the Blog section to stay up to date on the latest Mozy information.


The Idea Exchange allows you to submit your ideas to help us improve the Mozy products or services. You can also browse the existing ideas and vote them up by liking the original post.


You can tell how active a user is by their rank. The rank structure is based on a point system that factors in your Accepted Solutions, Reps, Posts, Likes, Logins, and Minutes Online. The most points are given for Accepted Solutions and Likes received because they are the most important factors in the Community. Most of the attributes have a point limit to avoid spam and cheating the ranking system.


Are a way for you to customize your profile. To change your avatar, click on My Settings, and then click on the Avatars tab. There is a custom set of Avatars you can choose from. However, once your rank is high enough in the Community, you can upload your own image or select an external picture as your Avatar.

  • Villager
  • Cook
  • Student
  • Spy
  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Samurai
  • Sensei
  • Shogun

Community Points

The Community Points bar shows your current progress in the community before you elevate to a higher rank. To earn more points, simply contribute to the community more.

Subscriptions and Bookmarks

If you would like to receive email alerts every time some posts to a particular category, board or message, click on Options and select subscribe. If you would like to return to the page at a later time you can bookmark it by clicking on Options, then bookmark. To view your bookmarks and Subscriptions click on My Settings and then click on Subscriptions & Bookmarks. Here you can edit your preferences as well.

Getting Started

For more information please visit the Getting Started page where you can view the Community Guidlines, Terms and Conditions, and tips & tricks to getting started in the Community.