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Elite Level 1

Retention policy

How do you change or view the retention policy for files in Mozy pro backup or Sync?

Community Manager

Re: Retention policy

@BradM - It doesn't look like you have received an answer to your question. Let me have a technician look at this right away and get back with you. 



Shawn L.
Community Manager

Re: Retention policy

@BradM   There will be a link within your Mozy Admin console that allows you to make these changes.  However, not all accounts have this implemented, yet.  You may want to contact your Customer Success/Account Manager to see if your account can be placed on the Version Consolidation option.


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Community Manager

Re: Retention policy



I just wanted to follow up on the comment left by @AngelinaS and make sure you had the resources you need. For assistance contacting Sales, see this article: How Can I Contact Sales?


It has all of the Sales phone numbers so you can choose the one best for your location. Smiley Happy

Angela G.
Community Moderator/Technical Support