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Mozy and Onedrive together

I have mozy for an online backup and really like the ios apps. Mozy works great all the time. However, I would like to also move my working files to Onedrive and have them synced with the cloud. Cany mozy be set to backup my local Onedrive files without some conflict? Essentially, I want the local Onedrive folder, the online Onedrive folder, and the Mozy backup to be identical. This will make it much easier to work with my files on an ipad or laptop with Word, etc.  I have tried Dropbox, Box, Googe Drive etc. but can't get everything to sync the way I want. It this possible?

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Re: Mozy and Onedrive together

I have no idea......


At this point, when you incorporate 3rd party apps and try to mix them with what we have, it is usually a crap shoot to see if you can get them to work correctly.  This is why we don't offer support for these sorts of scenarios but will leave it to the community to experiment (at your own risk) to see if you can make these odd combinations to work.


I know very little about Onedrive and haven't used it myself as Mozy work pretty well for me for what I do.


Have you played around with these toys?  http://mozy.com/product/download


When you get there, check out Mozy Sync and Mozy mobile............  Maybe we have something there that might be helpful...


You may not need other options after checking out Sync...  


Hope this is helpful     


Tech  :-)

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Re: Mozy and Onedrive together

Hi @bouse0620,


The Mozy Backup works fine in the configuration you described. Just make sure to disable the smart files feautre for OneDrive if you are on Windows 8.1 (for instructions see the section To Make All Files and Folders Available Offline here http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/28148-onedrive-available-offline-online-windows-8-1-a.html).


The OneDrive folder will be synced as usually and will be backed up by Mozy at scheduled time as any other folder.

Re: Mozy and Onedrive together

Mozy used to successfully backup folders under the OneDrive folder, but no longer...

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