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Automatic backup

I backup every two days automatically.  It will work about two or three times and then does not connect.  If i reboot, then it will connect and backup my system.  Then the cycle starts over.  The back up time should be around 11:00PM.


Hopefully somebody has an answer.

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Re: Automatic backup

Hello @Terry,


Going over your account and log files associated with your backup, they do not appear to show any explicit errors between those time. However, I do notice that almost every time a day is missed, there is a crash report. This appears over and over throughout the log and unsure if the error is the cause of the missed backup, or if the missed backup is the cause of the error, or even if they are related.


Before you restart your computer, have you attempted to verify if the Mozy Backup Service is started? This can be done by clicking on the Start Menu > Run, then type:  services.msc.  This will then provide a list of services on your computer. Find the MozyHome Backup Service and ensure that it is running. Also, check its startup type by right-clicking on the MozyHome Backup Service and select Properties. In the drop-down menu, select Automatic


You can also ensure that your backups have the best chance to perform a backup by checking your Automatic Backup settings.  This is found in the MozyHome Backup Settings. Inside of Settings, select the Options tab, then go to the Scheduling tab. From here ensure the parameters for your Automatic Backup are appropriate. I also suggest checking the option: Attempt an automatic backup even if a network connection is not detected


Please let us know if you are able to get more information.


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Re: Automatic backup

This thread has become obsolete and is over 6 months old and is now marked as solved.  If you still need help please come back to the Mozy community forums and post on a new thread.


Thank you,

Mozy Support
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