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Latest from the Blog: Restoring files from an earlier date
One of the handiest features of Mozy is being able to restore from an earlier date in your backup history. Learn more in today's blog!

suggestion for restore procedure

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so admin please move if not.


I'm a Mozy Free user, a little over a year ago I had a disastrous HDD crash. Ended up pulling an unused PC off the shelf and getting it going, then tried the restore process from Mozy. I found the procedure a bit confusing and certainly fraught, but ended up successfully  getting everything that was in Mozy back down onto my computer. I wasn't totally clear on which way to do the restore, and I recall there were limits on how long the data would remain available and what would happen to it once I started using Mozy for backups on the new computer.


I would like to suggest restructuring the instructions for such a restore into a flow chart format, for those of us who's minds work that way, and testing it on real people who are NOT Mozy experts.


I would also like to suggest developing a procedure for people to test a restore in a sandbox before disaster strikes. I discovered, only once I needed it, that I had neglected to include some important things in my backup - had I been able to test, I would have known this ahead of time.


Amongst the things I was missing was all my contacts from Outlook Express (OK, so I'm a dinosaur, but I still like it) and all my favorites from Firefox. I would like to suggest you create some tutorials specifically for people to find some of these relatively obscure folders and add them to their backups. This might not be an issue for those who have paid, large backup volumes available, and can simply tell Mozy to backup "everything", but for those of us trying to maximize utility of our small, free accounts, this could help.


Re: suggestion for restore procedure

You can save all sorts of things, but you do have to find where they're stored.  Google is a lot of help--for example, ask where your Firefox favorites are and it can give you directions. Then you can click the proper box in Mozy.


You're right that tutorials might help--but the small acocunts are free and there are a fair number of browsers out there, some of them, like Firefox, being tweaked monthly.

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