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backup sets

I have a complex folder system and I prefer to use the File System to choose which folder to back up. Using Backup Sets results in too many files being backed up that I don't need to have backed up. With the File System, I can better choose with pinpoint accuracy which folders I really need to back up.

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Re: backup sets

Thank you for your post.

Zach M.
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Re: backup sets

Backup sets are most unclear; even the Knowledge Base doesn't help much. What is included in "Documents" and why? It certainly isn't all the word documents on the system.  I think it is just shorthand for the "Documents" folder - but is that all? If it is could someone please make that clear in the manual/Knowledge Base

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Re: backup sets

What is a Backup Set and how do I use it? Article ID: 000003736 Date: 09/14/2012


A backup set is a set of rules used to select files by type or other criteria. The default sets that are included with Mozy will only look for files in the most common locations for the specific type of that set (i.e. Photos will look in My Pictures, My Documents, and Desktop.) However, right-clicking any backup set will give you the option to edit it to look in additional locations, look for different file types, or use additional rules. You also have the option to create custom backup sets. To learn more click here.

To make changes to Backup Set selections, please follow these steps:

  1. Open Mozy Settings by right-clicking on the Mozy icon Windows icon on the windows task bar in the system tray (to the left of the clock on task bar), then select Settings, then click on More Settings.
    System Tray Icon Menu
  2. Click the Backup Sets tab.
    Backup Sets tab
  3. From the Backup Set list in the left pane, click the check box next to the backup set you want included in your back up. Click the name of the set to view a list of files in the right pane.
  4. Deselect the check box next to any unwanted files in the file list.
  5. MozyHome - If you exceed your space allotment, click Increase Limit to launch the Mozy website to add more storage to your account, or deselect files until you are within your limit.
  6. Click OK to save your changes and close the Settings window

      Creating Custom Backup Sets Article ID: 000003104 Date: 07/15/2012

MozyPro allows you to create custom backup sets for your specific needs.

  1. Right-click the MozyPro icon in your system tray, and select Settings, More Settings, Backup Sets.
  2. Right-click within the left panel of the Backup Sets tab, then click Add Backup Set. The Backup Sets window appears.
  3. Specify a name for your new backup set in the Backup Set Name field.
  4. In the left pane, select the locations where your files are stored.
  5. To create rules for your backup set, click Add a rule, then use the drop-downs and text field to specify the rule criteria. The Rules wizard appears.

Figure 1. Backup Set Editor

Rules Window

  1. To add another rule, click +.
  2. Click Ok to save your new backup set.

The newly created backup set is automatically checked/selected for backup.



You can find more help in Documentation and Knowledge Base.



Hope this is helpful...


Tech  :-)

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Re: backup sets

Techalder thanks for pasting the instructions, however the relationship between backup sets and specifically-selected files in the "File System" tab is not clear. If I create backup sets and then add an additional folder by clicking a checkbox in "File System", what happens?

(1) All backup sets are ignored in place of the File System settings?

(2) The backup sets are backed up as well as any files/folders checked in File System? Can that result in duplicates?

(3) Some other logic?


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Re: backup sets

i also found this issue confusing

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Re: backup sets

I don't use backup sets.  I use file system  which gets me just the files I need.

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Re: backup sets

I also use just the file system method of selecting files to backup. I found that the backup sets include ALL of the files in a given folder (including .ini, .tmp, etc).

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