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How to Take sync Barracuda Message Archiver to Mozy Solutions

Hi Everyone



Can anyone suggest how to take up the backup for barracudda Message Archiver in the Mozy .




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Re: How to Take sync Barracuda Message Archiver to Mozy Solutions

UNICORPT - First let's clarify a couple of things. I am assuming you want to migrate your current backup with Barracuda to Mozy. By default, Mozy will populate some Backup Sets which means items like Documents, Pictures, Music, Financial Documents, etc. Will be picked up and backed up. Other than that, the user is responsible to select the data they want to backup. All the information regarding the backup including the selected data is saved in a Mozy generated configuration file.


With that said, there is no relationship between Mozy and Barracuda as far as Configuration and Settings. Also, Mozy is a backup application and not an archiver. I hope this helps.

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