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How do I search my backed-up files by size?

I just hit my backup limit and want to look for files I don't need to be backed up before I increase my limit.


I haven't been very careful about my backup sets and suspect that there may be things like temp files and local copies of digital movies in there eating up my space.  How do I get Mozy to tell me which files and directories that I have backed up are the largest.


I am using Mozy for Windows, if that makes a difference.


Re: How do I search my backed-up files by size?

Gdalya - Currently there are no options to search the files by size. You can browse in Mozy Settings and look at selected data for large files. Mean while, you should be able to do this on your machine using Windows Explorer. Simply bring up Windows explorer, select a drive, folder, etc. and click in the search area to see the options.

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Re: How do I search my backed-up files by size?

Yes this would be really useful.

I tried enabling Mozy virtual drive in the hope that I would be able to use a folder-size analysis utility (Treesize) to show what were the biggest files but it won't work on virtual drives.


Re: How do I search my backed-up files by size?

Hi Ted,


What might be useful to you is to review the Mozy backup history (Details in the Mozy status window) which shows the large files that were getting backed up during the "automatic" scheduled backup. You can sort these by size to discover where the backup got interupted.

And finally the quotum applies to the source and not what data was backed up. EachBackup set already shows how much data is covered by the rules of the backup set. If you want you can exclude files based on extension, path or size.

Effectively you can increase your quotum by running backups using 2 profiles in which you cover half of your source in 1 profile and the other half in the other profile.

I haven't tried this, but I'm pretty sure it works...






Re: How do I search my backed-up files by size?



Another option is to open the Status window by double-clicking the Mozy icon down in the system tray, then click on Files backed up. This will open a new window with a list of all the files you have backed up. You can then click on the Size column header to sort by file size.