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Alert: Attention macOS High Sierra Users: We are aware there may be some compatibility issues between macOS High Sierra and Mozy. Your backed up data remains protected. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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How do I edit what files I want backed up?

I have Mozy home. I am going from a PC to a Mac. I don't want to restore all the files I currently have backed up. Is there anyway to select which files I want to transfer to the Mac? If not can I change what files I want to back up? Then do a back up and restore from there. Thank yoU!

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Re: How do I edit what files I want backed up?

Great question @True22


Both options are possible. Which choice is right for you?   


Option 1 - Choose what files to Restore to another computer:


You can sign into your account online, choose Devices on the left, click on the name of the machine, then place check marks next to the specific files/folders to restore.  More instructions on this can be found on the KB:

Creating a Web Restore.

With this option, if I may suggest, select your files/folders and then right click on the file/folder and choose Large Download options, then continue the steps to Restore.  


Option 2 - Choose what files to NOT backup:


If you want to de-select files to backup, please open your MozyHome Settings (Start Menu > All Programs > MozyHome > MozyHome Settings) then go into the Backup Sets and File System tabs to de-select the files you do not want to backup. The following KB can assist:  

Selecting Files to Backup using the FileSystem Tab

Once you have de-selected your files, you will need to perform a backup.  This backup will then remove the files from your account. 

(In the event of accidental Deletion or Removal, Mozy keeps a copy of your data for 30 days with MozyHome and 60 days for MozyPro)


Other KB Articles that can assist with restoring your files:

How long does Mozy keep my files?

Requesting Web Restore for All files

How do I delete files from Mozy servers?


Mozy Senior Support Technician
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Re: How do I edit what files I want backed up?

Thanks for your help and fast response Dillon!
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