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Backup set changed for no reason to default


I recently changed from a desk pc with Win 7 to a laptop with Win 8.1.

I didn't know how to keep my custom backup set so I rebuild it (lots of work) when I installed mozy on the new computer.

Everything was fine until 06/18 in which Mozy had trouble connecting to the internet and the next time that it was able to do it, it started backing up the default set and not my actual custom backup set. I only noticed this after realizing it was taking just a few seconds to backup because it was only backing up a 100 files instead of the 9000 that I usually have.

I don't know what happened and I don't know how to fix it without having to manually set my custom backup again (with no guarantee that it won't happen again).


I'm attaching the snapshot of the log.


Please help! Thanx!


Re: Backup set changed for no reason to default

I pulled your backup logs from your last backup. Looks like on the 16th around 3pm the settings was opened, and the number of backup sets changed. Looks like someone went in there and change the settings.


You will need to go through and resetup your backup sets. What you can do is save your configuration file so that if this happens again, you can just put it back into place. You can even take this with you to a new computer. The file you want to save/replace is


C:\Program Files\MozyHome\config\conf.dat


You can even copy it to a location that Mozy backs up so that you have a backup of it. If for whatever reason in the future the configuraiton database schema changes in a new version, this won't work. However I don't foresee that happening any time soon, and it hasn't changed for a long time. In 5 years who knows, it could change, but in the mean time it will work so you don't have to keep recreating them if something changes or you get a new computer.

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Re: Backup set changed for no reason to default

Thanks for the answer! I'm gonna do it all over again and get it to backup the customized set (thanks for the tip).