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Community Feedback Contest Winners Announced!
The Winners from the Mozy Community Feedback Contest have been announced! Did you win? See who won a $50 Amazon Gift Card on the blog today...

Join Us for the March Webinar: My Backup Is Not Working, How Do I Fix That?
Have you ever wondered how to troubleshoot your backups when they're missed or stop working fully? Join us on March 29th at 9AM PST while we walk you through some basic troubleshooting and your options for fixing backup issues with Support. Register HERE.
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iPad Giveaway: What's in Your Stash?


The Mozy Stash beta has been out for over a month now and we are getting a lot of great feedback.  We would love to hear your stories on how you are using Stash.  How do you use it? Do you find yourself accessing your Stash more on your home computer or your mobile device?  Our goal is to share these stories with other Stash users and to help make Stash an awesome experience for everybody!

If you don’t currently use Stash, you’ve got plenty of time to test it out.  This contest runs through April 27th so you have plenty of time to try it out!  The possibilities really are endless but we want to try anyway!  If you are at a loss for ideas, check out this excellent use of Stash.

stash-with-clouds.pngNow for the Prize!
For this month’s prize, we will be giving away a brand new iPad.  This is the grand prize.  The three runners up will receive Community and Stash t-shirts.  The grand prize winner and the runners up will be announced the Friday after the contest ends.


  • Please submit your contest entries to this Stash Forum Contest thread.
  • Please keep your submissions to a maximum of two during the entire contest.  
  • Also please note that Mozy employees are not eligible to participate in this contest. 
  • All contestants must be involved in the Stash at time of submission.  
  • All contestants must be a member of the Mozy community at time of submission.
  • Users caught spamming or cheating in any way will be disqualified.
  • A panel of Mozy employees will determine which posts make it to the final round and which post wins.



Unfortunately, lack of a LInux client keeps me from using Stash in any serious way.



Admin Emeritus


Thanks to all of our participants! We will be hard at work choosing the contest winner. Stay tuned for updates!