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Windows 10, FilterError0, and Digitally Signed Driver Errors

Have you had a problem installing Mozy on your new Windows 10 computer? Chances are that in the recent past you may have gotten an error about a Digitally Signed Driver when installing Mozy, or a FilterError0 when trying to backup your newly installed Mozy software.


The Problem

With the latest Mozy clients, Mozy made the decision to upgrade to SHA-2 encryption for enhanced and more updated security. This is great for our clients, and necessary to keep up with technological advances, except some machines may not set up to support SHA-2 and Windows 10 has other security features in place that were being triggered by the SHA-2 certificates. Previously, the work-around was to revert back to an older version of the client that doesn't employ SHA-2 to resolve.


The Fix

However, after some time working with Microsoft to get the drivers and the client approved, we've now released the latest version-version 2.32.6-with intent to resolve the problem. If you are on Windows 10, or another supported Windows OS, you should definitely upgrade to the latest version now.


Still Having a Problem?

Occasionally, we have still seen people continue to have the same issue with the new client. Here are the main causes:


Windows Updates

If you are still having a problem with a FilterError0 after upgrading or installing the 2.32.6 client, this is typically caused by not all the Windows updates being fully complete on your machine. Please make sure you run all of your Windows updates to completion, and reboot if required.


Other Operating Systems

While this article does mostly focus on Windows 10, it's not the sole OS with issues regarding this problem.


Windows 7/Windows 8/Server 2008 R2/Server 2012

The newest client should work just fine on Windows 8, and if it isn't, please follow the steps above and make sure to run all Windows Updates fully.


Server 2008 Standard/Server 2011

These two Windows operating systems do not have support for SHA-2 and it is unclear if Windows will be releasing that support to them in the future. For now, we recommend that users who are on 2008 Standard or 2011 revert back to our 2.28.2 version of our software in order to continue using Mozy without issue. Do not upgrade from there at this time, just continue to use 2.28.2 at this point.


To Revert Back to 2.28.2:

  • Uninstall Mozy from Start > All Programs > MozyPro > Uninstall (or via Add/Remove Programs)
  • Reboot The Computer
  • Reinstall the 2.28.2 Client found in the Other Releases section of your Download MozyPro Client link in the Admin Console

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Server 2003

Unfortunately Windows XP and Windows Vista are both operating systems that are no longer supported by Mozy or Microsoft itself. When Microsoft discontinued support for these operating systems it made it impossible for Mozy to continue releasing updates and proper security for them and so support has ended. We urge you to upgrade to a newer and supported OS version in order to continue receiving support and have your backups function properly.


Still Need Help?

If you're on a supported operating system, and all Windows Updates are fully run to completion, but your'e still having trouble with a FilterError0 or Digitally Signed Driver message, please contact support.


If you're on one of these older OS' and cannot upgrade at this time, you may be able to revert back to the 2.28.2 client (MozyHome Download | MozyPro can locate it in the "Other Releases" section of Download the MozyPro Client from their Admin Console) and use it, however we cannot guarantee that it will work and we cannot do much to support any installs on these unsupported operating systems. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Community Manager


@angelag - Thanks for posting this update about Windows 10!


Thank you for stopping by and as always, should you have any questions please reach out to us through the Mozy Community by starting a new thread, posting a comment below, or feel free to reach out to support.

Community Manager


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