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Community Manager


Why You Should Use Mozy Sync & How to Get It

Are you using Mozy Sync to share your files between multiple devices? If so, great! If not, you really should be-not only can it help increase productivity, but there are many other benefits to using it as well. Let's talk about Mozy Sync a little bit, and some of the best practices for using it so that you get the most out of it.




About Mozy Sync

Mozy Sync is one of the more recent additions to the Mozy family, and it's a product we've made available with the purpose of sharing files quickly and efficiently between two (or more) devices. The idea behind Mozy Sync is to be able to simply add or edit a file from one computer, and have nearly instant access on another computer or device.


When to Use Sync

With Sync, gone are the days of needing to carry around a flash drive to transfer files between two machines or taking the time to email them to yourself. While there are many more reasons to use Sync, here are some of the most common situations where Sync can save time and effort:


  • Working on projects from multiple computers/locations. Use Sync to easily share files between computers in the same location, or in different locations. The ability to access the same file from home/work/school computers and have any changes made update across all locations is very useful.
  • Transferring files from a computer to a mobile device. Most mobile devices wont allow you to plug drives into them, and connecting your mobile drive physically to your computer can be a hassle-especially if it's not the main computer you use that mobile device with. Sure, you can email the files to yourself, but why take the time to attach, send, wait, log in, download, etc. when you can simply put the file in your Sync folder and access it?
  • Collaborating on files with other members of your household/organization. Sync is a great way to share files that need to be regularly accessed by other members of your household/organization.

 Note: Sharing files with other people through Sync will require them to have Sync installed on their computer/device with your credentials. It's not recommended for a setup where you're not sharing a log in, or for sharing one-off files with other people. This instance would be more for people using the same login (members of a family using MozyHome, MozyPro customers using the same User credentials, etc.) who frequently share collaboration files and update them without removing them from the Sync folder.


  • Upload files to your Mozy account from any location, with or without the backup or Sync clients installed. Upload files to Sync by logging into your account through the web on computers where Sync isn't installed.
  • Upload files to sync from your mobile device. Upload files directly to Sync through the installed Mozy Mobile App on your Android or iOS device.

How to Get Mozy Sync

All Mozy accounts, MozyHome/MozyPro/MozyEnterprise, have access to Sync within their account. If you have a Mozy account, you already have Sync available to you, and if you're not currently a Mozy customer, all you need to do is create an account to gain access to Sync. You'll want to download and install Sync on both/all computers that you'll be syncing the files between.


Want to just give Mozy Sync a try? Snag a MozyHome Free 2GB account (for personal, non-business use only) and try it out first. You can always upgrade to add more storage later down the road if you need it. If you're a business and want to give Sync a try, contact our Sales team to set up a MozyPro Trial account.


Download Sync for MozyPro

MozyPro and MozyEnterprise accounts need to enable Sync for Users who wish to use it. If you are a User on a Pro/Enterprise account and want access to Sync, reach out to your Administrator for assistance.


  1. Log in as the administrator at



  1. Click on Download MozyPro Client from the left hand menu under Resources
  2. Download the appropriate Sync client for your OS

Run the downloaded installer and follow the installer prompts to install the MozyPro Sync software and log in with your User credentials.


Download Sync for MozyHome

Sync is automatically already enabled for MozyHome accounts by default.


  1. Log in at


  1. Click on your Username in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select Manage Account from the drop-down menu


  1. Click Download Mozy Sync Software from the left-hand Account Pages menu
  2. Download the appropriate Sync client for your OS

Run the downloaded installer and follow the installer prompts to install the MozyHome Sync software and log in with your Mozy username and password.


Important Things to Note About Mozy Sync

Here are a few important things to be aware of when using Mozy Sync...


Sync vs. Backup

Sync and backup are two different programs with different intentions. Sync is meant for sharing files between multiple computers/devices, and it does store a copy of the file (as well as previous versions within the data-retention period) in your account, but it's not meant to be used as an active backup alone. We still recommend using the Mozy backup client to run regular backups on your computer. Here are some more details regarding this:


Sync Only Shares What's in the Sync Folder

Sync will only share/sync the files that you put into the Sync folder on your computer (or upload to the Sync folder via the web or mobile app) and not anything from any other location. The Mozy backup can select files from locations on your computer other than the Sync folder to keep live backups.


Sync is Blacklisted from Selecting it for Backup

Sync is not meant to be backed up by your Mozy Backup and so it is blacklisted and wont allow you to select files from it in your backup settings. This is because the processes can conflict if the backup tries to pull from the active Sync folder, and the files are stored on your account with Sync as well, so there's typically not a reason to have them both synced and backed up. If you do want it to be both, we recommend having two copies of your file-one in the Sync folder and one saved elsewhere on your computer.


Sync Shares Storage with Your Backup

When using Sync on your account, it will share storage with any machines backing up to that account/user as well. Make sure you have enough storage in the plan you've chosen to cover what you want to backup and sync between computers/devices as well.


Deleting Files with Sync

Anything you do within your Sync folder will instantly sync with all other machines/devices where Sync is installed. So, if you delete a file/folder in Sync on one machine, it will be deleted from the Sync folder on all other machines as well. Make sure you really want to remove that file from all machines using Sync.


Sync is Securely Encrypted

Mozy Sync employs the same military-grade encryption as your backup, and it also offers the option to create a custom encryption key for your Sync as well. Just as with your backup, if you set up Sync with a custom encryption key, make sure you use the same encryption key on all machines where you install Sync, and also ensure you never lose the key. If you lose your custom encryption key, Mozy cannot help you retrieve the files.


Visit next week when we'll go into more depth regarding the best practices for using Mozy Sync and how to restore files from Sync. Don't hesitate to leave us a comment or reach out to Support if you have any further questions or concerns in the meantime. Happy Syncing!

Community Manager


@angelag - Awesome post! 

Overlord Level 1


@angelag... another great blog article and I'm particularly pleased to see the excellent Sync detail.  Most users probably begin with Mozy Backup and then slip into Mozy Sync somewhere along the way. My situation is the reverse .... I was initially attracted to Mozy Sync (in the beta phase) and later slipped into Backup.


My primary Sync use is to sync a number of critical files between an office desktop computer and a traveling notebook.  I no longer need to remember whether or not I copied a file between the two computers; no more USB drive to monitor, and a secure Cloud storage for these files.


My secondary use is to download a file to a third party computer during a meeting; or download a previous version of a file for review.


Side note:  Thanks for mentioning that Mozy Sync files are not included in the Mozy Backup process.  It's an important reminder.  One add-on reminder is that Sync files are also not included in the 2xProtect local backup option.  If a user desires a full local backup, the Mozy Sync folder needs to be backed up some other way.


Great the see Mozy Sync in the blog spotlight ... thumbs up.  

Michiel Buurman


Nice explanation regarding Mozy Sync. (Which i am using since the launch of Mozy Stash already).


What still is not clear to me is what happens if my Stash files are infected with Ransomware. Is it possible to recover previous version of the infected files?


If not then i have to include the synced files i the mozy backup, this should be possible by duplicating the sync folder on the hardrive, and then select the duplicated folder to be included in the Mozy backup.


Disadvantage will be that the sync folder will take double the amount of space on the hard drive as well as the online backup.


So do we need to backup the sync folder to be safe against ransomware?


Thanks and regards,



Community Manager


Hi Michiel,


Yes, you can restore previous versions of Sync files from your account. I covered this recently in a recent blog post, so check out that information here: Restoring Files from Mozy Sync


You can't actually select the Sync files for backup with Mozy, they are blacklisted for the exact reason you mention.  Since Sync does keep the files for 30 days as well there isn't typically a need to back them up as well as Sync them.


Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, and don't forget to register for the Mozy Community so that we can more easily reply to you with these answers in the future.