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Self-Support Series Part 4: The Mozy Community

After an extended break, we're back to the Self-Support Series! Today we're gong to talk about navigating the Mozy Community. Since you're reading this post on the Community blog, it's important that you are fully aware of how to navigate the Community in order to use it to the full extent.


In case you missed the other posts in this series, find them here:


What is the Mozy Community?

The Mozy Community is another section of our Support site that allows everyone (customers, non-customers, and Support/employees) to interact. The idea behind a community environment like this is to make it more interactive. You can ask questions, and not only get responses from Support, but other Mozy customers who may have experienced the same issue or know the answer. It also provides a great place to discuss ideas as a group and find more resources for self-help.


Accessing the Mozy Community

You can access the Mozy Community directly from or you can click on the Community tab at the top of any Support pages.




Accessing Different Sections of the Mozy Community

If you hover over the Community tab at the top of the page, you'll notice a drop-down menu with other options for sections of the Community you can utilize and participate in.


From the drop down, you will find:


  • New to Community: This brings you to a "starting" page where it explains more about the community and the different aspects of it.
  • Forum: This takes you to the interactive forum where you can post questions and respond to other customers as well. For more information, see:
  • Tutorials: This brings you to a section of the Mozy Community where you can access video tutorials and recorded webinars to learn more about using Mozy.
  • Idea Exchange: This is a separate section of forums where you can post ideas and feature enhancements, as well as see what other customers are recommending and add your opinion or backing to their suggestions. For more information on the Idea Exchange, see:
  • Blogs: This is where you can see recent Community Blogs (like this one) written by our Community moderators and support techs. They often offer deeper insight into Mozy, and useful information-like how to navigate the Mozy Community! Smiley Wink
  • Member Leaderboard: This is a list of the most active Mozy Community members and their basic stats.



A Tour of the Mozy Community

Let's take a little tour of the Mozy Community from the main page. Here's what it looks like, and what you can find there:




Your Community Profile

When you log into the Community, you'll see your Community profile in the upper left hand corner. This gives you easy access to your own personal information. It shows you your username, your Community ranking, whether or not you have new notifications or likes, and how many Community points you've earned towards a new ranking. It also allows you to click Go to My Profile where you can see more of your profile information and edit it as well.




Community Announcements

At the very top center/right of the Mozy Community is where you'll find announcements. These are updated regularly, and will point you to the most recent information in the Community or on the blog. It will also alert you of any current issues, or upcoming events (like the monthly webinar), in order to keep you up to date.




Ask the Community

This is where you can type a question you have, which will auto-fill with any recent forum topics that may match your question, or click on creating a new post to jump directly to where you can create a new post in one of the Mozy Community Topics.



This will show you the current Forum Topics where you can browse other posts for information or to possibly respond and help other customers with your knowledge.




New to the Community?

On the Community Sidebar you'll find the option to click over to the New to Community page mentioned above.


Most Liked Users & Top Solution Authors

These other two sidebar sections show the current rankings of the most liked and top solution Community members.




Other Navigation

Towards the bottom of the main Community page you'll also find more navigation that will take you to the Idea Exchange, Blogs, and Top Threads (a list of the most used threads/topics).


So there you have it, a quick tour of the Mozy Community. We hope this helps you understand it, and perhaps even introduced you to another self-support resource within the Community to help improve your Mozy experience.


Have an idea for a future blog post? Have feedback regarding the Mozy Community? Leave it in the comments!

Community Manager


@angelag - I agree with all of this! Thanks so much for clarifying how awesome our Mozy community is. 


Thank you for stopping by and as always, should you have any questions please reach out to us through the Mozy Community by starting a new thread, posting a comment below, or feel free to reach out to support.

Community Manager


For reference, all of our previous blogs and webinars can be found in the link below:


Mozy Blogs


Mozy Webinars







Thanks Angela for another great blog!  Cat Very Happy

Community Manager


To our current and future visitors, you are currently able to post on blogs without registering, however we are unable to see your account details or email you with an update about your question or comment without being registered in the community. Please consider registering for the Mozy community before posting on a blog, especially if you have an urgent question. Registration is easy and the steps can be found in the link below:


Mozy Community Registration


Once registered, we can more easily access your account and backup information which will allow us answer your questions more accurately. In addition, we can easily create a support or billing case for you should we need to take the issue out of the forums. 


Thank you for using the Mozy community!