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Looking for Support?
Create a new post with your question and our community members and moderators will be happy to help answer it for you! Don't forget to register!
Community Manager


Self-Help Support Options

As discussed in our previous blog,  there are a number of ways to contact support via email, chat and phone and also through our community and social media channels.


In this blog, we will be talking about self-help options such as the Knowledge Base and Documentation sections on our website, as well as using the Community and Log Analyzer tool.




Whether you prefer finding the information yourself or would prefer to have direct help from a support technician, we have a support option for you! 






The top menu of our support site contains links to the Community, Knowledge Base, and Documentation sections, as well as the My Support site.






Perhaps we're a little biased here but the Community is a great place to come when you have a question about your Mozy account, software, restore….anything! There are years worth of resolved posts to look through and chances are, someone has had the same question as you in the past.


Start out by using the Ask the Community search bar to find a post that matches your question. As you type your question or keyword, posts with the same keywords will show up below the search bar for you to view.




If you can't find an answer to your question, that's OK! Post a new thread and our community members and staff will be more than happy to help. To create a post, make sure and register first. Once complete, you can post as much as you like and even help other users with their questions. We welcome all input!


In addition, the Community will have monthly webinars posted to the tutorials section, at least two blogs posted every week and various contests to keep you coming back for more!


  • Great way to interact with other Mozy users
  • All moderators are support agents and can help create a ticket for you if needed
  • Leave your feedback on our Idea Exchange page!


Knowledge Base


The Knowledge Base section of the Mozy support page is a living entity. Our support team actively monitors and updates knowledge base articles to ensure that we have the most accurate information at all times. This allows us to create knowledge base articles for any new issue that may arise and get that information out to our customers immediately. With years worth of information collected, there is almost no topic without an article and no subject without a documented resolution.





The Documentation section contains all of the guides for users and admins of all Mozy products, in addition to Federated ID documentation and Release Notes. This is a great place to start when you are first installing and configuring your Mozy software as it will walk you through every point of the process.



Log Analyzer


The Log Analyzer generates a report which gives valuable insight into the status of your backups and recommends any solutions to problems it finds in conjunction with the Knowledge Base. Mozy technicians always use the logs to find the source of any technical issue as it contains plenty of useful information!



If you have any questions or feedback on anything in this blog, feel free to comment below and we will happy to provide additional information for you.


Thank you for using the Mozy forum!

Community Manager


For details on contacting support directly, please read our first blog in the series:


What are my options when I need to contact support?


This blog covers contacting support via chat, email or phone as well as using the Community and social media. 


Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to provide additional information. 





Thanks Shawn for the blog!


The Mozy Knowledge base and Documentation is packed with current information that is updated daily. 

Idea Exchange board is a great place to give us some feed back and suggest new ideas.  Also the Mozy community is a great place to go for help!


Thanks again Shawn




Community Manager


An update to our visitors:

Anyone can post comments on blogs and webinars without registering in the community but if we need to reach out to you about a support issue through a private message, the easiest way to reach is you is to have you register a username in the community. For instructions, please see the link below:


How to Register for the Mozy Community


Please let us know if you have any questions!