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Latest from the Blog: Restoring files from an earlier date
One of the handiest features of Mozy is being able to restore from an earlier date in your backup history. Learn more in today's blog!
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New member of the Mozy Family - Linux is here!

Mozy Linux is a huge step forward for Mozy. This is our latest client we will be releasing. After over a year of development its almost here!


So what is Mozy Linux?

It provides Linux machines with the ability to backup using Mozy's super-awesome backup abilities. It is a CLI utility that provides excellent features and extreme performance.


Lets take a look at these new features:


Scheduled backup vs. Continuous

Mozy Linux utilizes the built in scheduling service found in Linux, primarily cron. This scheduling tool has been used for years and works well.  We work right out of the box with it. Its also something that most Linux Admins are familiar with, so no need to learn a new scheduling tool.

We are excited to introduce a true Continuous Backup. Turn on continuous mode and Mozy will immediately upload files when they are created or modified. This feature has been welcomed during our Beta tests and its performance has surprised all of us. CPU/RAM utilization is minimal while sending files to your account as soon as possible. To really see what the hype is about, you need to try this out!



I'm sure you want to eventually get your files back after you upload to Mozy, right? Mozy Linux offers this and is built into the client. Lets break restoring into two types: Single files and Multiple files. Single files can be restored immediately through the Mozy Linux client. For Multiple files, sign into your account online, request your files via Web Restore, download the restore (.mzd) file, and use the Mozy Linux client to initiate the restore on your Linux machine.


New Engine

Mozy Linux is utilizing our newest engine, which makes the download small, and the backups fast! Once you start a backup, it will almost immediately upload your files. No checking configurations, just backing up files. This new engine also improves the overall speed of the backup. Testing has found that Mozy Linux cuts the backup time in half in most cases, compared with Mozy on Windows.

What is required to use Mozy Linux? 


Check if your distribution is officially supported in our Article for Supported Distributions.  To backup your Linux machines, it requires that you have an active MozyPro/Reseller/Enterprise account with a Server Device available. 


Instructions on downloading and setting up Mozy Linux can be found on our Community. You can also view our landing page for more information, Release Notes and Download Links.

If you are interested in joining but do not yet have a MozyPro Account, please contact our Sales team at 877-669-9776 or visit them online.


Also, make sure you check-out the Mozy Linux contest.  Click on the button below to be directed to that blog: 



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That is some clever work with the contest button!

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Paul Taylor


I was looking for a way to delete my free account but cannot find how... However, that said, if a Linux client is now available I will probably want to test it out so will delay deleting my account meanwhile.

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The Linux client looks pretty good.  Try it out and let us know your thoughts.


Tech  :-)

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Emperor Level 1




soooo... is it Stash for Linux?

Community Manager


Great question @Owyn


Mozy Linux is built around Sync (formerly Stash).  The Continuous Mode referenced utilizes the Sync Engine to allow instant upload of files that have changed.  As this is a full backup client, it is for backup, not synchronization.  So we do not yet have Sync for Linux. 


If you're interested in more information on Mozy Linux, feel free to check out our Linux forum, leave a comment, and ask questions. Or you are welcome to send me a personal message, and I can get you more information. 

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