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Image backup 09-23-2017
Allowing Mozy Home To... 09-20-2017
Latest from the Blog: How to Find Your Support ID
MozyPro customers who are looking for Phone Support will need their 9-digit Support ID in order to get through. Today's blog post covers the steps you need to take to find yours...

September's Webinar: User Groups: What are they good for?
This months webinar on 09/27 will look at User Groups: what they are, how to use them and how to get the most benefit from them for your organization. Register today!
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MozyHome vs. MozyPro vs. MozyEnterprise: Which is Best for You?

Are you wondering whether you should sign up for MozyHome or MozyPro, and what the differences between them are? Let's talk about MozyHome and MozyPro, what they offer, and which is best for your needs...




Are You Backing Up a Business?

The first thing you'll want to consider when thinking about MozyHome vs. MozyPro is whether or not you'll be backing up a business, or any work-related documents. If the answer is yes to either of those, you do need to use MozyPro or MozyEnterprise (for larger business accounts). Let's talk about why...


MozyHome is for Personal Files Only

MozyHome is strictly meant to back up personal and non-business files only. Using MozyHome to backup any work-related documents does violate the Mozy Terms and Conditions, and it may mean that you risk lack or support if anything were to go wrong. We recommend following the Terms to ensure your account is in good standing and risks no lack of anything.


If you're only backing up personal files, you are welcome to sign up for MozyHome.


Do You Need to be HIPAA Compliant?

Another thing to consider when backing up a business is whether you have to be HIPAA compliant. If your business interracts with any kind of health care (doctor's offices, dentistry, health insurance, etc.) you likely need to be HIPAA compliant, and it's important that you follow HIPAA guidelines to the letter.


How to Be HIPAA Compliant with MozyPro

 The only way to be fully HIPAA compliant is to sign up for a MozyPro HIPAA account, which is specifically set up to follow HIPAA guidelines and keep your files fully HIPAA compliant. To make sure you sign-up for the right HIPAA account, or that your MozyPro account is set up to follow HIPAA guidelines, please reach out to the MozyPro Sales team.


Don't Forget the Tax Write-Offs

If you're using MozyPro to backup your business files you may possibly qualify to write-off your renewal fees on your taxes. MozyPro provides detailed receipts and invoicing so you have evidence for auditing and so you can keep track of your write-offs throughout the business year. MozyHome does not provide detailed invoices/receipts in the same sense as MozyPro, so it is not suitable for an account that needs these detailed receipts for tax purposes.



Note: This chart is for paid subscribers only, free accounts are subject to other limitations.


MozyPro Feature Advantages

However, just because you're only backing up personal files, doesn't mean you can't sign up for MozyPro instead of MozyHome. We have many personal home users who've chosen to use MozyPro instead of MozyHome due to the vast amount of features that are offered and more useful to them. Let's talk about the most important in great detail.


Server and NAS Backups

MozyHome does not have the ability to backup any server operating systems or network attached storage (NAS) drives. If your computer is running a server OS-even if it's a home server, or you are hoping to backup any NAS drives, you do need to have MozyPro with a server license in order to have the capability to backup servers.


Phone Support

MozyHome is entitled to email/case support and Live Chat support, but not phone support. MozyPro and MozyEnterprise both have access to 24/7 phone support.


Unlimited Devices

MozyPro has bundled pricing plans that allow you to backup an unlimited amount of computers for the same price, you just pay for the amount of storage you want them to share.


Multiple Logins

While MozyHome accounts only have one set of credentials for logging into the entire account, MozyPro has the ability to set up multiple individual users with their own email and password for the installs and restores. You can also set up a Subdomain to give those individual Users the ability to log into the MozyPro account and see their own information online.


MozyEnterprise Feature Advantages

In addition to the standard MozyPro accounts, higher-level MozyPro and MozyEnterprise Accounts also have access to the following popular features (and more).


More Detailed User Management

MozyEnterprise offers a lot of different options for better managing of Users. Here are a few of the notable features.



Want to add other Administrators to your account so they can help you manage your various users? MozyEnterprise has the ability to set up SubAdmins with their own account logins and varying permissions.


User Groups

Manage multiple users by separating them into sorted User Groups. Each User Group can be a type of user or a different department/company that you manage.


Customizable User Configurations

MozyEnterprise Administrators can set up custom configurations directly from the account and force them down to their Users. This allows full control of what your clients/employees are backing up and how they're doing it.


Advanced Reporting

Set up custom and quick reports to keep you better informed of what is happening with the backups for your account, individual User Groups, and more.


Advanced Deployment of Installs

MozyEnterprise has some advanced options for installing and deploying clients.


Corporate Encryption Keys (CKeys)

While all Mozy accounts have the ability to set up personal encryption keys for further security, only MozyEnterprise accounts have the ability to set a company-wide encryption key for their users.


FedID/Active Directory Support

MozyEnterprise also has the ability to push out installs via your personal Active Directory using FedID.


There are also many more differences between MozyPro and MozyEnterprise. For more information, to sign-up for MozyPro or MozyEnterprise, or for further help deciding which plan you need for your business; please reach out to our MozyPro Sales Team for more assistance.


Have any questions? Concerns? Comments? Leave them below!

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@angelag - Awesome blog as always Angie!

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Should you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.

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Great detail @angelag ... It's only me, so Mozy Home does the job ... nothing fancy in my computer world but it's interesting to see the extensive Mozy services.


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