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Image backup 09-23-2017
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Mozy 2xProtect: If You Like It, You Should Back It Up Twice

They say if your files are important, you should back them up twice, which is why Mozy offers our Mozy 2xProtect service which helps you backup locally in addition to your online backup. We're not saying that backing them up once to Mozy isn't enough, but in a lot of cases it helps with your peace of mind to have your data securely backed up in two different easy-to-access locations.




What is Mozy 2xProtect?

Mozy 2xProtect is a setting you can enable in the Mozy client for Windows to enable backups to send to a local external drive in addition to your online backups. This allows you the ability to store your important files in two different locations, one online in the cloud, and one on a local drive that can be easily accessed even when your machine is offline. Having the local copy is a nice and quick way to access your files without having to go through the restore process as well, as it wont use any bandwidth to simply copy a file over from the local backup instead of downloading it from your account.


What You Need to Use Mozy 2xProtect

Here is what you need in order to use Mozy 2xProtect:


  • A Windows Computer - At this time, 2xProtect is only available to Windows Users
  • An External Drive - An external or secondary connected drive is necessary for the local backup location
    • The external drive needs to remain connected to the computer for every backup Mozy runs
    • MozyPro users with Server licenses can set up 2xProtect to send to a NAS drive as well

How to Set Up Mozy 2xProtect

Follow these steps to set up Mozy 2xProtect:




  1. Right-click on the Mozy icon in the System Tray (down by the time and date on your computer)
  2. Select Settings > More Settings from the pop-up menu



  1. Click on the Options tab from the top menu
  2. Click on the Mozy 2xProtect tab from within the Options tab


Note: If you have Windows UAC (User Account Control) enabled, you may need to click the blue link in the bottom right-hand corner titled Change settings that are currently unavailable in order to enable the options to change the settings in the 2xProtect tab. Once you click that link, Windows will ask for permissions and you must click YES to enable the option to change.




  1. Check the box for Enable 2xProtect
  2. Choose a destination drive from the drop down menu
    • Your main drive can be seleted but is not recommended, since it would defeat the purpose of having your data stored off of the drive where it is already located in case that drive crashes in the future and you need to restore
    • If you're adding a NAS for a MozyPro Server User, choose Add Network Share from the drop down
  • Clicking on View in Explorer here will take you to the local backup folder in the location you've chosen



Setting Up the Version History

The Version History section of the 2xProtect tab is optional, but you can set it up if you'd like to be able to control the way your previous versions are stored on the local drive. The local backup does keep previous versions of the files so you can access them from the Version History folder within your local backup, but if you're low on space you can set up limitations here.


  • Maximum file size - Checking this box enables you to set a limit for the maximum file size that can be saved to the Version History folder
    • You can enter a number of your choosing in the box, then choose either MB or GB from the drop down
  • Maximum size of history folder - Checking this sets a limit on how large the Version History folder can be in it's entirety
    • You can enter a number of your choosing in the box, then choose either MB or GB from the drop down

Note: If the history folder approaches the maximum size, the oldest files are deleted to create space for new files. This limitation will only apply to the local backup, as your previous versions will still be stored online for the length of your data retention period.


  • View Version History - Clicking this link will take you to the Version History folder in the Local Backup
  • Empty History - Clicking on Empty History will empty the Version History folder entirely

Restoring from the Local Backup

The Local Backup is meant to be more of an emergency restore option than an active restore, kind of like a backup to your backup. So while you cannot restore directly through the Mozy interface from the local drive, you can access the local drive directly and easily drag and drop or copy and paste the files you need over from the local backup folder.


This can be helpful if you don't currently have an internet connection to restore from the Mozy cloud, or if you don't want to wait for something to download over your connection.


Have any questions or concerns regarding Mozy 2xProtect and your local backups? Leave them in the comments and we'll be sure to find you an answer. Smiley Happy


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@angelag - Thank you for enlightening us on the local backup options available to our Mozy customers! 

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All of our previous blogs and webinars can be found in the link below:


Mozy Blogs


Mozy Webinars


Should you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.

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@angelag... Well, you've done it again.  I'm a very avid 2xProtect user and this is excellent step by step procedure.


I'm running Mozy Home so it is necessary for my removable drive to be connected directly to the computer.  Thanks for clarifying that Mozy Home users cannot use as NAS storage deivce, attach to a WiFi router, etc.


I have a requirement to periodically rotate external storage devices into a  secure local storage area, so 2xProtect is very important for my use.


One side note is for users to remember that the Mozy Sync folder is not included in the 2xProtect local backup.  If a user needs an external backup of the Mozy Sync folder, a separate backup method is needed. 


Personally I use a program which does a local backup of Mozy Sync changed files with a brief time delay to avoid conflict with the cloud sync process.  Works for me.


Great article.  Very useful.  Keep 'em coming.


Community Manager


@Wayward - Great feedback! Thanks so much.

Community Manager




Thanks so much for the feedback! I think it's so important to back up your important files more than once, and I never rely on one location only for the most important of my memories and photographs. I love that Mozy makes it so easy. Also, great suggestion on the Sync folder!



2xProtect is a great way to restore data quickly when you need data fast!


Angela thanks for another well written blog!

Community Manager


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