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How to Set Up Multiple Log-Ins for Your Account

Multiple log ins makes it easier to keep individual data separate while under the same account, and give people in your office/home the ability to log in without being able to make Admin-level changes or see others' data. Want to be able to have multiple people in your office or home log in to the account with their own separate log ins? Let's talk about how to get that set up...




You'll Need MozyPro

Like we discussed last week when we talked about MozyHome vs. MozyPro vs. MozyEnterprise, MozyHome is strictly for personal non-business use, and it does not have the ability to set up multiple log-ins for the same account. MozyHome also only allows up to 5 machines to be on the plan, so if you have more than that many coputers to backup it doesn't work for you anyway.


So, in order to set up multiple log-ins for a Mozy account, you'll need a MozyPro (or MozyEnterprise) account. For information on pricing/plans, or to sign up for a MozyPro account, please call our Sales team.


Setting Up Individual User Log-Ins

Once you have a MozyPro account, then you get to set up your individual log-ins-for MozyPro we call them Users, and whether you'll allow them the ability to log in to the actual account or not, you need to set up at least one.


Admins vs. Users

With MozyPro you have two sets of credentials, the Admin credentials which is the main email and password combination used to log in and manage the account, and the User credentials which are email and password combinations used for installing and restoring.


For more information on the difference, see: About MozyPro Passwords


How to Create a User

To create a User, follow these steps:


  1. Log in as the administrator at www.mozy.com/login
  2. Click on Add New User from the left-hand menu under Users



  1. Choose a User Group to add the User to
  2. Indicate what type of User it will be, either Server or Desktop (all machines under that user will be what you choose)
  3. Set a storage limit for that User (or leave it blank if you don't want them to have a limit)
  4. Set how many devices you'd like that User to be able to add and back up
  5. Enter the Username (This is the name of the User for organizational purposes, not what they'll actually use to log in)
  6. Enter the Email for the User (the email will be their actual log in username)

Note: You can add multiple users at one time by clicking the + sign and entering details for another User. All Users will be added to the group you selected and will be specified with the settings you selected above. If you need to add them to different groups or set them up differently, you'll want to save this user and come back in to add one with different settings.


  1. Check Send users instructions email only if you want them to be emailed instructions for setting a password and installing
  2. Click Add User(s) when you're ready to save your options

Setting or Changing the User Password

If you don't send your Users' their instructions emails, you can easily just set up the password for them, or you can go in and change the password if they make a mistake or forget it. To set or change the User password, follow these steps:


  1. Click on Search/List Users from the left-hand menu under Users
  2. Click on the User email you wish to set/change the password for



  1.  Click on Change User Password in the upper-right hand corner of the User panel
  2. Enter the new User password twice
  3. Click Save Changes

Note: You can check Temporary password only if you want the User to immediately reset their password when they first log in with the one you set. This only works if you have a Subdomain set up.


Giving Users the Ability to Log In

By default, your Users wont have the ability to log in to the account online, and their User credentials will only be good for logging into the software or Restore Manager. This means they also wont be able to reset their own passwords, and you will need to do the resetting for them each time.


However, if you give your Users the ability to log into the account, they'll be able to log in and view their information as well as request a password reset on their own as well. They will only be able to see their own machines and information, and none of the other Users or their data.


You'll Need a Subdomain

Since Users can't log in at the regular mozy.com/login page like an Admin can, you'll need a Subdomain set up in order to give them a place to log in. A subdomain is a URL you choose and set up with Support and will look like this:




That link will be the only link that a User can log in with or reset their password with. If you don't set up a Subdomain, they wont be able to log in at all.


How to Set Up a Subdomain

To set up a Subdomain, you'll want to contact Support with the following information:


  • Your Admin email
  • The last four digits of the credit card on the account (for security verification)
  • The URL you'd like for your Subdomain

Once your account is verified the Support representative can help you set up the Subdomain (pending availability of that URL) and get you ready to allow your Users to log in.


Have any questions or concerns? Want to suggest a topic for a blog post? Leave it in the comments below!


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@angelag - Amazing post as always!



This topic covers what I believe to be confusing for some customers (Mozypro) and this blog covers very well everything you need to know about "multiple log-ins", the different log-in's available, and how to use them.


Thanks Angela!