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July's Webinar: Using a client configuration to control what your users backup
In case you missed it, today's webinar has been posted. Let us know what you think!

Looking for Support?
Create a new post with your question and our community members and moderators will be happy to help answer it for you! Don't forget to register!
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How do I go about contacting support?

In our latest blog series, we have been talking about the Self Support tools available to you on the website, but what should you do if you need to talk to one of our technicians? This blog has all the details!







The Mozy community forum is available to all customers and is the preferred method of contact for MozyHome Free customers. All moderators are Mozy technicians and can help answer any questions you may have about your account, backup or restores. Use the links below to register in the community, post a new question or reply to an existing post created by other Mozy customers. 


  1. How to Register for the Mozy Community
  2. How to Create a New Forum Topic in the Mozy Community
  3. How to Reply to a Forum Thread in the Mozy Community

The nice thing about the Community is that there are years worth of resolved posts to look through and chances are, someone has had the same question as you in the past. Try it out!





Email support is available to all paid customer accounts. MozyHome Free accounts can reach out to support via the Community or use any of our various self-help options

Creating a case with support is easy! 


  1. Log into the support portal
  2. Click My Support
  3. Click Create a new Case
  4. Enter in the following information:
         For Device, select the computer that is impacted by the issue
         In the Case Reason drop-down box, select the reason
         In the Subject text box enter the issue for the case
         Enter details of the issue in the Description box
  5. When finished, click Submit

In a circumstance where you are unable to access an old email address, or any other issue that prevents you from accessing your account, feel free to use the Account Retrieval Form to create a case with support instead. A support agent will help update the email address on your account, or help you locate the email address your account was originally created under.



Live Chat


Live Chat support is available 24 x 7 for MozyHome paid accounts, MozyPro, Resellers, OEM and MozyEnterprise accounts. 


  1. Log into the support portal
  2. Click My Support
  3. Click Create a new Case
  4. On the right under Contact Support, click on the option Chat
  5. Click Start Chat
  6. Fill out the session form, and click Submit to begin chatting with a support agent




Phone support is available to MozyPro, MozyEnterprise, OEM and Reseller customers. When calling, make sure you are ready to enter in your 9 digit Support ID.

Support can be reached at the numbers below and is available 24 X 7:

     USA - 866.789.6699
     UK - 0808 234 3567
     Ireland - 1800 303249
     France - 0800 915123
     Germany - 0800 1802517

Note866.789.6699 works from all around the world with the country code +1.



Social Media


Another option which some customers prefer, is to reach out to support via social media. Mozy has two Twitter accounts and one Facebook page. I would personally recommend reaching out to Mozy via the Mozy Support Twitter page


Follow us using the links below:

     Mozy Facebook
     Mozy Twitter
     Mozy Support Twitter


Note - The social media channels are monitored Monday- Friday from 9AM to 5PM (MST). 






Thank you for stopping by and as always, should you have any questions please reach out to us through the Mozy Community by starting a new thread, posting a comment below, or feel free to reach out to support using the steps above.
Thank you for using the Mozy community forums!

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For reference, all of our previous blogs and webinars can be found in the link below:


Mozy Blogs


Mozy Webinars



Community Manager


Hoorah! Always a good topic to bring up again so people know how to get in touch with us. We're happy to help!


And don't forget to register for the Mozy Community so we can more easily get in touch with you. Smiley Happy

Community Manager


To our current and future visitors, you are currently able to post on blogs without registering, however we are unable to see your account details or email you with an update about your question or comment without being registered in the community. Please consider registering for the Mozy community before posting on a blog, especially if you have an urgent question. Registration is easy and the steps can be found in the link below:


Mozy Community Registration


Once registered, we can more easily access your account and backup information which will allow us answer your questions more accurately. In addition, we can easily create a support or billing case for you should we need to take the issue out of the forums. 


Thank you for using the Mozy community!