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Image backup 09-23-2017
Allowing Mozy Home To... 09-20-2017
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Community Manager


Getting Started tip: what to backup with Mozy?

Wondering what to back up? Knowing what to backup is about as important as actually backing it up. If you are like me you have piles of CDs with data that may or may not be important. I used to keep them for years - just in case. After installing Mozy, it was time for me to let them go. My wife is happier, she gets our closet back and I am happier because I no longer spend hours trying to find a school report I wrote three years ago. To help you clean out your ‘closet’ here two tips for backing up with Mozy.


Tip 1: Data and Software

When it comes to backing up files it is important to make a distinction between software and data. Data is all that information on your computer such as images, emails, and reports. Mozy is designed to seek out data on the computer and back it up. It’s pretty smart at knowing what is software and what is data, but sometimes it needs help. When you install Mozy for the first time, take a moment to go into the settings and see what is backed up. There are two places you can look: Backup Sets and File System. Backup Sets are rules that Mozy uses to search and automatically select data for backup. You can find information about configuring Backup Sets here. The File System is like a catalog of your computer, where you can select folders or individual files for backup. If you are not sure if your data is being backed up, there are a couple of things you can do. Let’s say that I have a bunch of X files on my computer, but I am not sure if they are backed up. I just don’t know where to find them. I can try searching the computer for “x files.” If that doesn’t work I can search online for “how to backup x files.” I can also go to the X files website and search their website for information on backing up the files. Then I go back to Mozy and select those files.  


Software is what you use to access the data on the computer. Software spreads out over different areas of the computer making it hard to backup and restore properly. Mozy by default does not back up software automatically. While you can backup installed software, the best idea is to keep a copy of the software on a cd, or backup a file with the link to the software’s website. 


Tip 2: Operating System Files and Backups

Operating System files, just like software, is spread over different areas of the computer. They are also constantly being used by the computer. Because of these two facts it is recommended that you do not backup your system files. System files are found in System and Windows folders. Mozy has been designed to know what files are system files and to hide them from being selected for backup. You can show these files, but it should be done with caution.


Mozy can back up backups, but it is better to back up the files directly than to back up a backup. Say that ten times fast. Saving files in a local backup is a smart idea, and can save time in restoring files. Mozy can even help you backup your data locally. If you back up your backups it will make it harder to find the right files when restoring your data, and will also greatly increase the amount of online storage space you have to use.




I have been using Mozy home free and need to know what to back up... I went thru your article and but lts Chinese to me for lack of the system knowledge... I just remove some of my back up from the list and would like to have someone to review my settings to be sure I did the right thing...Thank you ..Françoise 


Vinnie in NJ


I am confused. This morning I thought everything was being backed up-- it was going to take a long time because it was the first time-- but now my MozyHome says nothing has been backed up. How do I get it to back up things? What is the point of having this if it doesn't backup and there is no way to get it to do so?



I'm new to using Mozy for backup. I want to keep some documents, but many are not serious. I have many duplicate images as well as the same image with different sizes.   Can I do a 'drop and drag' for individual files the way I can with Dropbox?