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Admin Emeritus


Community Redesign Contest

There are only a few days left in the Community redesign contest so I thought it would be important to re-publish this blog article. If you have already participated then you don't need to do anything. If you haven't participated yet, you can post here or in the original article. If you have any questions on anything I might have left out then please let me know.


We have decided it is time to give the community a new look and feel, and we want your help! This month's contest is going to be a great chance for you to give us insight on what would make the community easier for you. You will also be entered in an exclusive drawing for the chance to win a new Google Nexus 7 tablet.


The contest is pretty straight forward. We want you to comment below this post and let us know what you think would be some good changes to the community. These changes are to make your community experience easier. We are looking for good constructive suggestions. Any post that does not provide constructive feedback or posts that do not relate to the contest will be removed from the contest.


The last day to enter the contest is September 2nd.  We will look at the ideas that you have suggested and select from those to help improve the community. Any idea that is submitted and meets the conditions mentioned above will be entered into the drawing. You can enter multiple ideas and we are looking for things you like now, things you would like to see changed, examples you like from other communities, screen captures(must be relevant), sketches(must also be relevant), or anything else that gets your idea across.


You may also submit your ideas to the Idea Exchange. We will count these posts the same as we would with posts located on this page. Remember, the contest relates to the community and not the Mozy product itself or any division of Mozy except the Mozy Community.



The last day to enter the contest is September 2nd.  Any user spamming or cheating in anyway will be disqualified. It will be up to Mozy's discretion as to what counts as a valid post. Mozy employees and their families are not eligible. Mozy reserves the right to change the rules at any time.

Please log in before posting any comments. Any comments made without being logged in will not be entered into the drawing. If you are not currently a Mozy customer just click the link below to create a free 2GB Mozy Home account.


Please feel free to post any questions you have regarding this contest and we will answer them as quickly as possible. Also, don't forget to give a thumbs up to other posts in the community. The number of reps don't help odds of winning but they do help us get a feel for what you like.  Remember, this contest is to help us make the community a better place for you.



Best Idea gets a Nexus 7


All entrants will be entered into a drawing to get 1 of 2 Mozy swag bags

Overlord Level 1


Some thoughts and suggestions about the Community ...


Allow selective quote rather that a simple quote of a full post. It's frequently good to quote a portion of a post; comment on that portion; and then quote and comment on additional portions. This can clarify a response.


Distinguish between informational posts by employees (such as FAQ, documentation, etc.) and resolved
questions and problems posted by users. While informational posts have a bit darker background both are called 

"Solved." It might be good to give a different name to the informational posts ... some forums use "Sticky"
for this type of employee post. I may help clarify post navigation. Note: There seems to be more of of this
in Stash than in other topics.


If possible, it would be good to have an option to sort posts in order to separate "Solved" issues from open 

issues. For example, if I want to scan unsolved user posts to see if I can help with something, it would make
scrolling more efficient. It would also be good to sort by solved issues for an easier scan to see if I can pick up a little



Master Level 1


I've watched the comments in the original blog on this topic... ...and I opted to wait until the last minute to put in a plug for dumping the forum software in favor of different software :-)


I've already PM'd the admins about forum software that I like - so I'll leave it at that.


Good luck to those that made suggestions/entries.

Admin Emeritus


The contest has ended. Thank you for your participation. Our winners will be posted in a new blog article shortly.