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Best Practices for Mozy Web Restores Part 4: Ordering a Media Restore

Sometimes, the easiest option for restore might just be ordering the files to be shipped to you on a physical drive that you can connect to your computer. In that case, we do offer an option to order your restores on Media. This restore does have a cost associated with it and is only available to US customers currently.


What is a Media Restore?

A media restore is a restore where you request (and pay for) the files to be put onto physical media (hard drive or a flash drive) and shipped to you. You can then connect that physical media to your computer and transfer the files directly to your machine from the drive.


When Would You Order a Media Restore?

There are varying reasons why someone would prefer a media restore, but here are a few of the main ones:

  • Download Speeds: If your ISP download speed is slow, or you have so much data that it's going to take too long to download it over your connection, a Media Restore may be a faster option.
  • Computer Speeds: If downloading a large/long restore may cause you to use up too many resources on the machine which may impact your productivity and business, a media restore may be a less resource-exhaustive option for you.
  • Data Retention Period: Since Mozy only keeps the previously backed up files for a limited period (based on your plan), you may wish to order a Media Restore to prevent data loss if some or all of the following apply:
    • You ran a backup without all of your files after the backup you will want to restore and it will be more than the data retention period before you are able to go back and download it all
    • You need to delete the machine (which will delete the files) from the account prior to restoring all of the files. Important Note: If you do this, make sure you receive your media restore and double check that it has everything you need before you delete the machine.
  • Physical Copy: A Media Restore is a great idea if you just want a physical copy of the files without having to download them to an external/flash drive yourself.
  • Shipping to a Different Location: If a user/customer of yours is unable to restore their files by downloading them and you are unable to help them do so at that location or remotely, you can order a media restore and have it shipped to their location instead.

Media Restore Costs

  • Processing Fee (a flat fee): $29.95
  • Restore Data: $0.50 per GB
  • Shipping (Express): $40.00



The total of your media restore will vary based on how much data you have. The processing fee and shipping are always flat rates of $29.95 and $40, and then your fee will be increased by $0.50 per GB based on how much data you are requesting. This means your Media Restore will be $69.95 + $0.50 * XGB.


Why Do Media Restores Have a Cost Associated?

Since the Media Restore requires many more resources when it comes to employee/company time and resources, a physical drive (that you get to keep). Express shipping, and more; it does have a cost associated with it.


Mozy offers many other free options of restoring if you do not wish to pay to retrieve your data via physical media. These include restoring via a Web Restore using an Instant Download method, the Mozy Restore Manager method, and the Compressed Archives Method; as well as the ability to restore through the installed Mozy software as well.


Why Does Mozy Only Offer Express Shipping?

Since your data is personal and private, we want to make sure to deliver it in a timely and secure manner. For this reason, Mozy only offers Express shipping with next day air service (after it has been built and shipped) to ensure it arrives safely and quickly at your doorstep.


How to Order a Media Restore

  1. Log in at
    • For MozyPro users, continue to step 2
    • For MozyHome users, skip to step 5
  2. Click on Search/List Machines from the left hand menu under Users
  3. Click on the machine name you'd like to restore from
  4. Click on Restore Files from the upper right hand corner of the machine panel that loads below
  5. Click on Devices from the left hand side of the Web Access screen
  6. Select the files you'd like to restore



  1. Click on the Actions Pane Button in the upper right
  2. Select Large Download Options from the Actions pane
  3. Give your restore a name (this is for your own records)



  1. Select the radial button next to Ship on Media (fee associated)
    • This will show you a break down of the cost that will be associated with ordering the media restore. In this above example, you can see that we requested 2.4GB and it is $0.50 per whole GB, so it will be charged for 3GB. So the total for processing + GB + Shipping comes to $29.95 + $1.50 + $40.00 = $71.45.
  2. Click Next



  1. Enter your full shipping address for the location where you wish to receive the Media Restore
  2. Click Next
  3. You will then be notified that you are being redirected to our secure third-party payment processor to enter your billing details-click Next to continue ordering your Media Restore
  4. Enter all fields for your correct billing details
  5. Click Finish

Your restore will then begin building and you'll receive an email notifying you when it ships.


How Long Will the Media Restore Take?

Typically a Media restore takes 2-5 days to build, copy to the drive, and ship out. Once shipped, it is sent Express via FedEx and should arrive via next-day air service barring any inclement weather or shipping delays.


How to Check the Status of Your Media Restore

If you're curious about the status of your ordered media restore, you can view it's status in the Event History of the Restore Web Access and MozyPro Admins can view the status via the Admin Console as well. Once it has been shipped, you'll be emailed your tracking information, but the Event History will also show your tracking number in it as well.


For information on how to check the status and track your restore, see: How do I track a Media Restore shipment?


What Type of Media Will the Restore Be On?

Your restore will be sent to you either on a jump/flash drive or on an external hard drive depending on the size of your restore.

  • 1-30GB: 32GB Flash Drive
  • 31-100GB: 128GB Flash Drive
  • 100-500GB: 500GB External Hard Drive
  • 500+GB: 1TB+ External Hard Drive

How to Restore From the Media Restore Drive

Once you receive the physical media you will want to connect it via USB to the computer you're restoring to and use the Mozy Restore Manager to decrypt and restore the files. Since your files are being sent securely, they'll be encrypted during transit with a special restore encryption. You will be emailed a restore key in order to allow you to decrypt the files.


For information on how to restore from the physical media to your machine, see: How do I restore files from a Media Restore USB Drive?


When You're Finished With the Media Restore

Good news, the drive you receive with your media restore is yours to keep! After you finish restoring your files from the physical media, you can keep them on it as a backup or wipe it out and use it for whatever else you'd like. It's yours to do with what you'd like and you do not have to send it back to Mozy.


That concludes our series on Best Practices for Web Restores. If you missed the previous parts of this series, see them here:

Hey, but don't worry. Join us next time (Wednesday, February 15th) where we are going to discuss the best practices for doing a restore via the Mozy software on your computer instead of via the web. Also, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for future blog posts-please leave them in the comments below!

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@angelag - Another amazing article!




Is there an ETA on when this will be available in Europe?

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For reference, all of our previous blogs and webinars can be found in the link below:


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@bavi - Not that I am aware of. If you are a Pro or Enterprise customer, you can contact your Account Manager for additional information:


How can I contact Sales?

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You should also make sure you register for the Mozy Community, and then leave it as a feature enhancement request in our Idea Exchange!

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Hello Mozy-goers! Thank you for taking a moment to read up on our Media Restore process. Don't hesitate to let us know if you need any assistance with it, or have any questions.


If you have a moment, we'd love to get your feedback on our Community as we gear up to redesign. All you have to do is leave a comment on our Community Feedback Giveaway blog post to enter to win! Thank you so very much for being an essential part of our Community.



Would it be possible to get the Media Restore put on another type of media other than DVD or USB?

Community Manager




DVD usage for Media Restores are no longer used and have been replaced with USB drives for smaller restores and external hard drives for larger restores. Additional information can be found in the link below:


Best Practices for Media Restores


Please let me know if you have any additional questions that we can answer!