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Latest from the Blog: Restoring files from an earlier date
One of the handiest features of Mozy is being able to restore from an earlier date in your backup history. Learn more in today's blog!
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Announcing the Winners of the Mozy Community Contest

Our Mozy Community Contest has ended, and we've drawn out 5 amazing winners to award a $50 Amazon Gift Card each... Today we'd like to announce those winners and share their stories of how Mozy helped them restore their data.




How We Chose the Winners

We took all of the winners and assigned each of their entries a number in order of the entries being received, and then we used random.org to pull out five numbers randomly. Here are those winners, and their stories....


Winner #1: @Wayward

Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for this contest, I haven't had any kind of hard disc drive or computer melt-down .... so no true emergency recovery story.


However, not too long ago, Mozy did help me impress a lot of folks (and made me look pretty smart, in the process). During a community service organization budget meeting, the primary presenter had some great slides but had neglected to include details concerning a critical fundraising project.  The project had a direct impact on the overall budget.


I knew I had the report backed up on Mozy ... Out came my tablet, opened the Mozy app, navigated to the correct folder, and downloaded the file, including important charts.  The key chart was e-mailed to the person handling the screen projection and BOOM ... it was on the screen and being discussed.


After the meeting, a number of folks wanted to know about my backup program and the app.  Nothing like Mozy making me look like I know what I'm doing.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Winner #2: @JoshBartley

There was a time where an end users hard drive was getting ready to fail, I was able to swap hard drives and restore very quickly with little downtime. Mozy makes me feel like the hero sometimes haha. She was very thankful for the quick service. So thank you for a great product for our company! 


Winner #3: @CaseyM99

I realize this is supposed to be a comment about how Mozy has helped, but I'm going at it from a different angle.  It was mid August & my computer crashed to the point that they couldn't recover ANYTHING! They even sent my computer to Denver to the lab that recovers for the Fed Govt & there was NOTHING!  I was the office manager & did all of our accounting, taxes (for 5 different states), contracts etc. for our office, but I wasn't worried because we had a tape back up on a separate server in our office that was supposed to be being maintained in I.T. However, the tape back up had evidently had an issue at some point & hadn't backed up since November of the previous year.  I had to start from scratch & re-build our whole accounting system!  Every entry needed additional set up.  Every invoice entered needed customer set up, items set up, tax information etc. It took me months! So much for the security of tape back up.  NO MOZY = NO GOOD! 


Winner #4: @Crag_Hack

So here goes... My friend's Quicken data file became corrupted for whatever reason and refused to open.  So we opened up Mozy used the file history and shazam!  Hocus pocus functionality was restored Smiley Happy  Go Mozy!  Now I feel so confident Mozy has my back whatever the reason ransomware, user error, grumpy computer gods etc.  I now recommend Mozy to everybody I know but still some people are skeptical of the security of the cloud and cannot be influenced oh well.


Winner #5: @specklife

I homeschool my 15-year-old son, and keep an enormous amount of curriculum-related information and resources stored on my laptop. While I had been using Mozy for years, I had never had to use it in an emergency-related situation - until June, 2016. My son tripped and fell, knocking my laptop off of its stand and down onto the floor. It was totaled, and all was lost. I was devastated at the loss of all of our resources, UNTIL... I remembered Mozy!!


When I obtained my new laptop 1 week later, I downloaded Mozy again and was able to restore all of my previous data, good as new. Nothing was lost and all was well. I cannot begin to express the relief and gratitude I felt when I realized that Mozy had saved the day - and our homeschool year!!


Thank you again, Mozy!!


So there you have it, our amazing winners and their stories of how Mozy helped "save their bacon" or in one case, how they wish they'd had it when it was needed.


A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. We're so grateful to hear all of your amazing stories and we hope to hear more from you in the future.





Elite Level 2


So awesome! Just replied @angelag to the message. Thank you again for such a great product! 

Community Manager


Congrats to all our winners! 


Once we gather up everyone's shipping address through private message, we will get those gift cards shipped out right away!

Community Manager


@JoshBartley @CaseyM99 @Crag_Hack @specklife @Wayward


Those gift cards are set to be sent out today or tomorrow. Any fun plans for your near future Amazon purchase?Smiley Very Happy




Elite Level 2


@ShawnLthank you very much! Probably going to invest in some PD books. I'm almost done reading my current book "Purple Cow" Thanks again so much!

Community Manager


@JoshBartley - That sounds awesome! I will have to check out that book. I need something new to read myself. 



!!!Congrats to all the winners!!!

Elite Level 1


@angelag@ShawnL @JaredG  - Thanks so much!! Received the gift card this weekend and already used it to buy a portable playpen and some toys for our new 6-week-old puppy!

Community Manager


@specklife - I'm so glad to hear it arrived! That sounds like a great purchase and I am really wanting a puppy right now! 

Enjoy and thank you for participating!