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Image backup 09-23-2017
Allowing Mozy Home To... 09-20-2017
Latest from the Blog: How to Find Your Support ID
MozyPro customers who are looking for Phone Support will need their 9-digit Support ID in order to get through. Today's blog post covers the steps you need to take to find yours...

September's Webinar: User Groups: What are they good for?
This months webinar on 09/27 will look at User Groups: what they are, how to use them and how to get the most benefit from them for your organization. Register today!
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A Tour of the MozyPro Admin Console - Part 7: News, Restores, & Support

In our last installment of the MozyPro Admin Console tour we're covering the remainder of the options typically available to MozyPro and MozyEnterprise Admins. If you missed our previous installments of the MozyPro Admin Console Tour, please check them out here:


 News and Information.PNG


News and Information

This section is where you can find more information about Mozy, including news and release notes. It includes the following sections:


  • New Features - Redirects you to the New Features page of the Support portal
  • Learn About Sync - Redirects you to the Mozy Sync downloads and information page
  • Quick Start Guide - Redirects you to the Admin Quick Start Guide in the Documentation
  • Admin Console Release Notes - Takes you to the release notes for the MozyPro Admin Console
  • Product Release Notes - Takes you to the release notes for the backup software
  • Maintenance/Outages - Takes you to the Support Home Page

Restore Files.PNG



This section is where you can access restore information for Users/Machines in the account. It includes only two sections:


  • Restore Files - Takes you to where you can access machines to see restores or request them
  • List Restores - Takes you to a direct list of restores specifically

 Restore Files 1.png


Restore Files

The Restore Files section looks much like the Search/List Machines section. It lists the machines, with the following information to view:


  • External ID - If you've set up an External ID for the machine it will show here
  • Machine - The name of the computer
  • User - The User the Machine is assigned to
  • User Group - The Group that the User is assigned to
  • Storage Used - The Amount of GB the Machine has uploaded
  • Created - The date the machine was added to the account
  • Last Update - The date of the last successful backup
  • Backed Up - How long ago the last successful backup ran

Restore Files 2.png


Machine Details

Clicking on a Machine name from the list will open the information for that specific machine. Like always, it will list the same options as when you click on the Machine name from Search/List Machines. For this section, the most useful parts are the Restore Files link from the upper right hand corner which will allow you to do a Web Restore.


For more information on how to do a Web Restore, see one of the following articles:


If you're not sure which one of those to see, read more here: Which Restore Method is Right for You?



In the Machine details panel there's a section at the bottom for Restores. This will show any current or past Web Restores run for that machine. This section includes the following:


  • ID - The internal Restore ID #
  • Date/Time Requested - The date and time that Restore was created
  • Date/Time Finished - The date and time that the Restore completed building
  • Files Retrieved - # / # - How many files were built out of how many files were requested for restore
  • Size - The size of the built restore
  • Status/Downloads - The status of the restore and/or a link to download the files if they're ready

Restore ID.PNG


Restore ID

Clicking on the Restore ID from the Restores list will open more information about the restore. Including the following:


  • Owner - The User email that the machine/restore belongs to
  • Machine - The name of the machine the restore belongs to
  • Requested - The date and time the restore was requested



  • Requesting IP - The IP address that requested the restore
  • Requested - The date and time the restore was requested
  • Finished - The date and time the restore was finished building (If it's not done yet, it'll be blank)
  • Total Zip Size - The size of the zip file for download (if Compressed Archives were chosen)
  • Files Retrieved - # / # - How many files are built out of how many files requested



  • ID - The internal ID of the file available for download
  • File Name - The location/name of the file available for download
  • Size - The size of the downloadable file
  • Original File Name - The name of the downloadable file
  • Downloaded? - If it's downloaded it will say so here

Requested Files

This section will show how many files were requested and then list the file names, size, and if they're completed.


List Restores.PNG


List Restores

The List Restores section will list all restores in the account with filters available and more information regarding the restore. It includes:


  • Maximum Age.PNG - This lets you filter the age of the restores you want to see listed here. You can choose between 1-60 in the first box, and Minutes, Hours, Days, or Weeks in the second box.
  • Restores: # - This will show the total number of restores available within that filter
  • Incomplete: # - This will show you the total number of incomplete restores from that list
  • ID - The internal ID of the restore
  • Time - The date and time the restore was requested
  • User - The User that the restore/machine belongs to
  • Machine - The name of the Machine that the restore belongs to
  • Requesting Admin - The Admin that requested the restore
  • Requested - The date/time that the restore was requested
  • Finished - The date/time that the restore finished
  • Files - # / # - How many files built out of how many requested




This section is all about reaching Support and getting help online. It includes two sections:


  • Online Help - Redirects you to Documentation
  • Contact - This takes you to a page listing the phone numbers to reach support as well as links to find your Support ID, and the following:

So there you have it, you've now had a good tour of the MozyPro Admin Console. Again, if you'd like to view the rest of this series, see the following:


 If you have any further questions, concerns, or ideas for future blog posts, please leave them in the comments below...

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@angelag - Excellent blog series on our Admin Console!

Community Manager


All of our previous blogs and webinars can be found in the link below:


Mozy Blogs


Mozy Webinars


Should you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.




I don't see these options in my account?

Community Manager


@bethannwithane - The features in the Admin Console are only available to MozyPro, Reseller and Enterprise customers. If you have a MozyHome account, then your online interface will have a different look.


Please see our previous blog series where we cover the MozyHome interface found in the links below:


A Tour of Your MozyHome Account - Part 1


A Tour of Your MozyHome Account - Part 2


Please let me know if you have any additional questions and we will be happy to help!



OK that makes sense. I didn't catch that sorry. I think MozyPro might do well for my business needs rather than my personal. How do get started with a Pro account?

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MozyPro will certainly fit your business needs and will have more reporting features and customization than MozyHome. If you are interested in signing up for MozyPro then please give our Sales team a call at 1-877-MOZYPRO (669-9776). They are available from 8AM to 5PM (MST). Additional Sales contacts can be found below if you are located outside the US:


How can I contact Sales?


Additionally, you can price out your plan and email an account executive in the link below (bottom of the page):


MozyPro Contact


I hope that answers your question, but if not, please let me know and I will be happy to help!



This has been a great blog for our Admin Console!  Thank You Angela!




Thanks so much for your help Shawn!



PS your avatars are adorable! I am seeing this artist everywhere now.

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Thank you! He did such a great job with our avatars, they turned out so well!


Don't forget to register for the Mozy Community so we can more easily reply to your comments/questions!

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To our current and future visitors, you are currently able to post on blogs without registering, however we are unable to see your account details or email you with an update about your question or comment without being registered in the community. Please consider registering for the Mozy community before posting on a support question on the blog, especially if the question is urgent. Registration is easy and the steps can be found in the link below:


Mozy Community Registration


Once registered, we can more easily access your account and backup information which will allow us answer your questions more accurately. In addition, we can easily create a support or billing case for you should we need to take the issue out of the forums. 


Thank you for using the Mozy community!

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