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A Tour of the MozyPro Admin Console - Part 6: Configuration

In our sixth installment of our MozyPro Admin Console Tour Series, we're taking a look into the Configuration section of the account. This is probably the most complex section of the Admin Console, as it includes the Client Configuration which can be quite complicated but very inclusive.


If you missed our previous Admin Console sections, make sure to catch them here:


Note: Before we get started, it's important to note that not all Admin Consoles have the same options available. Depending on the type of account you have, you may have different options available or unavailable to you in your Admin Console. If you see something shown in this post that you don't have, but would like to, please contact our MozyPro Sales team to see about getting it added to your account.





This is the section where you can set up the account and client configuration details. It includes the following subsections:


  • Account Details - Here you can edit Account Details
  • Edit Client Version - Set up rules for client updates and default versions
  • Client Configuration - Set up a configuration for your User's backups company wide



Account Details

This section is the same section you're taken to if you click on the Admin name in the upper right hand corner. Here you can view and edit your account Admin details as well as change your email preferences. We discussed this in Part 1 of this series, if you need to review.




Edit Client Version

When you go to Edit Client Version it'll show you a list of your update rules for your User Groups. It also has the option to set up rules in the bottom of this page, including these sections:


  • Update To - The section for setting up the update
    • Update to: Select a Version - From this drop down you select a version of the client to update to
  • Criteria - Here is where you can narrow down who needs to update to that version
    • Current Version - Select which installed versions should update to the new version
    • User Groups - Select which User Groups this update applies to
    • Operating Systems - Select which Operating Systems should update to that version
    • Required Update - Checking this box forces your clients to update, otherwise they can say no and cancel the update
  • Submit - Saves changes and pushes the update out



Client Configuration

The Client Configuration is where you can set up and force a client configuration down to your users from the Admin Console. When you first go to Client Configuration, if you don't have any configurations created it'll take you to where you can create a client configuration with a name, and whether it is for Servers or Desktops, and then click next. If you do have a Client Configuration created, it will list it here and you can click on it to view or edit.




When you click next, you're taken to a section with the following tabs for setting up your Client Configuration:


  • Preferences - The general preferences and settings for the Client Configuration
  • Scheduling - Set the scheduling for when backups should run on users in this Configuration
  • Bandwidth Throttling - If you need to set up Bandwidth throttling on these machines you'll do so in this tab
  • Windows Backup Sets - Select files to backup for machines running Windows
  • Mac Backup Sets - Select files to backup for machines running Mac OSX
  • Linux Backup Sets - Select files to backup for machines running Linux
  • User Groups - Choose which Groups this Client Configuration applies to




The Preferences tab in the Client Configuration is where you'll set up the basic settings for users in this configuration. There are two check boxes for most options and in a lot of cases you'll want to check both. They're for:


  • Setting - Checking this box next to an option enables that option
  • Lock - Checking the Lock box forces the client to use that setting, leaving it unchecked will allow them to change it

The options you have for your Client Configuration Preferences are as follows:


  • Install new versions of MozyPro silently when they are made available - Allows updates to silently install on Machines in this Client Configuration
  • Allow users to back up network drives - Enables the option to add a network share in the File System tab
  • Number of days of unsuccessful backups to wait before showing a warning - The number of days when the system should pop up an alert on the User's machines notifying them of no backups
  • Prevent backups from occurring on mobile broadband networks - Disables Mozy's ability to backup and transmit files when the machine is using a mobile network
  • Always force the user to provide an encryption key - Requires the user to enter a Custom encryption key
  • Always use the following encryption key (URL or path) - For customers with a CKEY set up, the Admin can push the key down via this URL/path
  • Prevent back up if encryption does not match policy. Takes effect with client version 2.26.7 for Win and 2.13.6 for Mac. - Stops backups if the User does not enter an approved Encryption Key
  • Enable support button and link - Makes the Contact Support link active for the User's installs
  • Enable "Access files online" link and "Restore files" button - Allows the Users to access their Web Restore via a clickable link in the client
  • Enable Restore tab on Settings window - Allows user to restore files via the Restore Tab in the software
  • Restrict restores to the logged-in user's profile - Prevents Users from restoring from other Users on their machine
  • Don't show restore menu in Windows Explorer - Prevents Users from doing a right-click restore
  • Don't show MozyPro virtual drive in My Computer - Disables the MozyPro Virtual Drive from showing up under My Computer or This PC
  • Don't prompt for password when opening MozyPro Settings window - Allows Users to access the MozyPro Settings without putting in a password each time
  • Show tooltips in MozyPro Settings window - Allows tooltips to show in the MozyPro File System and Backup Sets tabs to help Users understand what they're selecting
  • Use Volume Shadow Service to back up locked files when available - Enables VSS to attempt to backup locked files
  • Pop up MozyPro Status window after every backup - Enables the MozyPro Status to pop up when a backup finishes to indicate whether or not it was a success
  • Pop up MozyPro Notification message at the beginning of every backup - Enables the Status window to pop up each time the backup starts
  • Pop up a warning periodically when the user is over quota - Enables a pop up to alert the User that they are over quota when they select more files than their storage allows
  • Attempt automatic backups even if network connection is not detected - Forces Mozy to attempt to connect even if it misses the network connection on it's first attempt or it can't find one
  • Start automatic backups if the computer is running on battery power - Allows Mozy to backup automatically if the machine is not plugged in, and instead use battery power
  • Show advanced backup set features (e.g. exclusionary backup sets) - Shows all advanced options for the Backup Sets in the Users' Backup Sets tab
  • Display all system backup sets to the user, even if they don't contain any files - Shows all Backup Sets even if they're empty
  • Don't allow users to add/edit backup sets - Blocks Users from being able to change the Backup Sets as set in this Client Configuration
  • Don't allow users to select or deselect files in the filesystem tab - Blocks Users from being able to change settings in the File System Tab
  • Allow Local Backup - Allows Users to set up the Mozy 2xProtect on their machines to also run a local backup
  • Enable LAN Support - Enabling this option allows users to backup to a Drive on the LAN
  • Allow users to back up encrypted files and folders - Enables Users the ability to backup EFS encrypted files
  • Enable VSS backup set support (Windows XP or later) - Allows the VSS Backup Sets to show in the Backup Sets tab for products like SQL and Exchange
  • Show all protected operating system files - Enables the protected operating system files (such as Program Files) to show and be able to be selected in the File System tab
  • Don't show shell icon overlays in Windows Explorer - Disables the icon overlays on your files in Explorer
  • Display Mozy username - Shows the Mozy username/email in the About window of the Client
  • Proxy Settings - Changes the Proxy settings for the machines
  • Slider.PNG - Use this slider to tweak the impact that MozyPro will have on PC and internet performance when the computer is in use




The Scheduling section of the Client Configuration is very much like the one in the Client software as well. You can set up Automatic and Scheduled Backup parameters and check boxes to Force the scheduling options as well as not allow the user to suspend backups.


Automatic (Perform backups when the computer is not in use)

The settings for this section include:


  • Don't back up up if the CPU is over % busy (1-99) - Set this to stop backups if your computer processor is over this percent busy
  • Don't back up unless the computer has been idle for at least this many minutes - Set this to indicate how long the machine needs to be idle (no longer in use) before the backup can begin
  • Don't backup more than this many times per day (1-12) - Set this to indicate how many times Mozy can attempt to backup during the day, if it's set to 1 it will only try once even if it fails, but if you set it to 12 it'll try roughly every 2 hours to backup

Scheduled (Perform backups at a time of your choice)

Set the backups to run daily or weekly and at a certain time every 1-6 days. You can also set up an allowance of time for the backup to be able to kick off in order to avoid running into any issues.


Other Settings


  • Force users to use these scheduling options - Forces the scheduling options on the User so they can't be changed
  • Don't allow users to suspend backups - Disables the ability to suspend backups temporarily



Bandwidth Throttling

The Bandwidth Throttling section is where you can update settings to limit the amount of bandwidth Mozy can use during certain times.


  • Enable bandwidth throttle - Turns on bandwidth throttling for Users in this Client Configuration
    • Throttle to.PNG - The amount of Kbps you'd like the bandwidth limited to
    • from midnight.PNG - The hours you want the bandwidth throttle to be in effect
    • on days.PNG - the days you'd like the bandwidth throttling to be in effect
  • Force users to use these bandwidth throttling options - Forces users to use the bandwidth throttling and they cannot change it
  • - A second bandwidth throttle that is forced onto the users but that they cannot see

 Windows Backup Sets.PNG

Windows Backup Sets

This section will list the default backup sets for Windows. It also allows them to be edited/deleted, as well as provides the option to Create Backup Sets. As with the previous sections, there is a Setting checkbox which selects that backup set and a Lock checkbox which ensures it is pushed down to the Users and prohibits them from changing it.




Create Backup Set

When you click Create Backup Set it takes you to a screen where you can set rules and name your backup set. You can set the name in Italian, French, German, and English.


  • Files matching this set will be EXCLUDED from the final backup set - If you check this box it makes the backup set exclusionary, meaning you want to set the rules to INCLUDE and tell it what to include in the exclusion below

Then you can add rules as needed. For more information, see: Adding a Windows backup set containing specific folders on specific drives


Mac Bookmarks.PNG

Mac Backup Sets

Much like the Windows Backup Sets, the Mac Backup Sets provide recommended selections as well as the option to create a backup set as well.


For more information, see: Creating Mac Custom Rules for Client Configurations


Linux Backup Sets

Unlike the Windows and Mac Backup Sets, there are not pre-configured backup sets for Linux, only the option to create your own.


User Groups

This allows you to click Add/Remove User Groups which will open a list of User Groups and allow you to check or uncheck them for inclusion/exclusion in this Client Configuration.


Don't forget to join us next week for our last installment of the Admin Console tour.


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