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A Tour of the MozyPro Admin Console - Part 5: Graphs & Reports

Today we're touring the Graphs & Reports section of the Admin Console. If you missed our previous Admin Console sections, make sure to catch them here:


Note: Before we get started, it's important to note that not all Admin Consoles have the same options available. Depending on the type of account you have, you may have different options available or unavailable to you in your Admin Console. If you see something shown in this post that you don't have, but would like to, please contact our MozyPro Sales team to see about getting it added to your account.




Graphs & Reports

The Graphs & Reports section of the Admin Console is very useful for monitoring your backups and being kept up to date on what is happening with the account. Within the Graphs & Reports section you have the following sub-sections:


  • Report Builder - Where you can set up scheduled reports
  • Scheduled Reports - Where you can view your already set up reports
  • Quick Reports - Reports you can run on the spot
  • Backup History - A brief overview of the backup history of the account
  • Backup Health - A brief overview of the health of the backups on the account
  • Email Alerts - Alerts you can set up for the Admin email

Report Builder.PNG


Report Builder

The Report Builder is the section where you can go and set up scheduled reports to run on the account. These are the reports available:


  • Billing Summary - Gives a summary of resources and usage by partner and user group
  • Billing Detail - Provides a breakdown of resources and usage by user and device
  • Machine Watchlist - Calls out problems with backups on each device, signaling issues and potential issues that need attention
  • Machine Status - Provides the state of the backup service by device, including the time of the most recent backup and the amount of quota consumed
  • Outdated Clients - Lists devices that are running old backup software, as well as the newest recommended version for update (requires further set up)
  • Resources Added - Lists all purchases of resources (product keys and storage) by Mozy administrators and storage added by Autogrow
  • Machines Over Quota - Provides a list of users that have exceeded a user determined threshold

Add Report.PNG


Add Report

When you click on any of the above reports, it opens a new panel where you can set up that report. It walks you through three different tabs and then gives you the options to Save or Cancel.




Report Settings

This is where you set up the basic settings for the Report. It includes a drop down to change the type of report, and then the following sections to set up:


  • Report Name - Enter a name for your Report
  • Frequency - Set the report to run Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Start Date - Set a date for the report to start running from
  • Active - Check this box to ensure the report is active, uncheck it to suspend the report from running



Report Scope

This is where you indicate which user groups and subpartners to include in the reports. Check "All User Groups and Subpartners" to select all users from all user groups and subpartners. Check specific user groups and subpartners to select specific users.




Email Options

Here's where you can set up the options for the email to send out. It has three sections:


  • Recipients - Enter the emails of the people you'd like to receive the email and separate by commas
  • Subject Line - Set a subject line for the email that sends
  • Email Message - Enter a small message to show in the email before the attachment



Scheduled Reports

A list of your currently scheduled reports and details. It lists the following information:


  • Name - The name of the created report
  • Type - Which kind of report it is
  • Recipients - The emails of who receives that report
  • Schedule - Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Actions - Run - Clicking Run will run the report manually out of schedule
  • Next Run - The date of the next report to be run, or if it says inactive it means the report will not run until activated again
  • Last Run - The date of the last time the report was run and the option to Download the report or Email it again
  • History - The history of previous reports run, clicking on it will take you to where you can download old reports



Quick Reports

A list of reports you can run and download immediately.


  • Users (CSV) - A report that lists all of your users except those in subpartners
  • Machines (CSV) - A list of all the machines
  • UserGroups (CSV) - A list of all of the user groups in the account
  • Roles (CSV) - A list of all the administrative roles set up
  • Credit Card Transactions (CSV) - A list of all the credit card transactions for the account
  • Billing History (CSV) - List of all invoices after a specific date
  • MozyPro Keys (CSV) - List of all MozyPro keys that are unassigned on the account
  • Machine Details (CSV) - List of all machine details

Clicking on any of these reports will download them into a CSV/Excel file you can open and review the information in.


Backup History.PNG


Backup History

This gives you a brief overview of the backup history on the account. You can change the drop down to show you the information for the Last 24 Hours, Last Week, Last Month, or Last Year. This option only shows good information if there are multiple machines backing up on the account. If there's only one computer it doesn't report for just one.


Backup Health.PNG


Backup Health

This can also be changed for the Last 24 Hours, Last Week, Last Month, and Last Year. It gives an idea of the backup health on the account and shows based on color when a backup has occurred.




Email Alerts

When you go into the Email Alerts section it will show you a list of the Email Alerts you have set up on the account and show you the details of the Subject Line and the Frequency it sends out.




Add Email Alert

This is where you can set up an email alert for the account.




Subject Line and Frequency

Here you can set up the Subject Line for your email, and the frequency which can be set to daily, weekly, or monthly.




Report Modules

This lists the things you want the email alert to report on. These are the options you can choose:


  • Backup Summary - A list of all users' machines and the age of their most recent backup
  • Users without recent backups - A list of users' machines that haven't been backed up recently, with their backup age
  • Users/Machines Nearing Limit - A list of users who are using more than a certain percentage of their storage limit
  • Storage Pool Summary - A summary of the storage type used by the organization and user groups, including the amount of storage used and available storage
  • Users with outdated clients - A list of users' machines that have an outdated client installed, with their client version if that client version is older than the recommended client for their platform




This is where you can select which user groups the email alert will report on.





A list of the Admins who can receive the email alert. Only Admins and SubAdmins can receive email alerts, unlike the scheduled reports.


Come back next week as we continue our tour of the Admin Console.


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@angelag - Another awesome post Angie! Thanks!

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I would olike to use these features but I don't see them in my account?

Community Manager


@bethannwithane - The features in the Admin Console are only available to MozyPro, Reseller and Enterprise customers. If you have a MozyHome account, then your online interface will have a different look.


Please see our previous blog series where we cover the MozyHome interface found in the links below:


A Tour of Your MozyHome Account - Part 1


A Tour of Your MozyHome Account - Part 2


Please let me know if you have any additional questions and we will be happy to help!



I responded on my first post with a question thanks!

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@bethannwithane - OK perfect! We'll update you on your previous post which can be found below:


A Tour of the MozyPro Admin Console - Part 7: News, Restores, & Support



Enabling reports on your account is a good way to know quickly if somethings wrong with a computer and or it's backup so you can get to a resolution much faster!


Thanks Angela!

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