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A Tour of the MozyPro Admin Console - Part 4: Resources and Billing

Continuing on with our tour of the MozyPro Admin Console, today we're going to talk about the Resources and Billing sections of the account. If you missed our previous sections, check them out from the following links:





The Resources section address the resources your account uses and your billing information. It includes the following sections:


  • Resource Summary - A basic overview of available and used resources
  • User Group List - An over view of your User groups and their assigned storage/keys
  • Change Plan - Where you can purchase or adjust your plan
  • Billing Information - Where you can view your current plan and billing information
  • Billing History - Previous invoices and amounts billed
  • Change Payment Information - Where you can change your credit card
  • Download MozyPro Client - Where you can download the backup software and Sync clients



Resource Summary

The Resource Summary page is a page that gives you a brief overview of your resources available and used. There are two sections:


  • Storage: Shows the summary for your amount of GB used/available
  • Devices: Shows the summary for your amount of licenses used/available

UserGroup LIst.PNG


User Group List

The User Group List shows you your user groups and their assigned resources. Here is the information you can find/utilize on the User Group page in the form of columns:


  • Group Name - The name of the User Group
  • Sync Enabled - Indicates whether the Group has Sync enabled or not
  • Server Enabled - Indicates whether the Group has the ability to backup server machines enabled
  • Storage Type - The type of storage for the Group
    • Type - Whether it's Shared, Limited, or Assigned
      • Shared - Allows the Group to pull whatever resources it needs from whatever is purchased
      • Limited - Allows the Group to pull whatever resources it needs from the purchased pool, but only up to the limit placed on the Group
      • Assigned - Allows you to assign an amount of storage that takes it out of the pool and puts it only in that Group to be used
    • Value - The Limit or Assigned amount, if set to Shared it will be blank
    • Used - The amount of storage actually used/uploaded
  • Devices - Information on the Devices available to that Group
    • Used - The amount of active machines installed on the account
  • Action - Actions you can take regarding the group
    • EditIcon.PNG - Edit Icon - Allows you to edit Group information
    • TrashIcon.PNG - Trash Icon - Allows you to delete the Group entirely

Note: If you do not have User Group List in your MozyPro account, it may not be enabled for your account, please reach out to our Sales team if you need this functionality.




Add Group

When you click on Add Group from the User Group List screen it opens up the Add Group panel with the following options.


  • Name - The name of your new User Group
  • Group Region Override - If you need to change the location of the Group machines by default use this option, otherwise ignore it
  • Storage Type - Shared, Assigned, or Limited
  • Enable Sync - Checking this box allows Users in the group to use the Sync client to share files between multiple machines
  • Server Support - Checking this box allows this group to backup Servers or NAS devices
  • Save - Saves your new User Group


Change Plan

This is the section where you can change your plan. Your view may not look entirely like the one shown here, as there are a few different views based on the type of plan you have. This version is the default option for most new and upgraded accounts.


The first part of Change Plan gives you a break down of your current plan and usage, it includes:


  • Resource - The type of storage
  • Current Plan - The amount of storage your plan has paid for on it
  • Used - The amount of storage you have used/uploaded
  • Change - The change your making in the plan currently
  • Updated Plan - The total your plan will be when you finish changing it

Then down below it shows two sections:


  • Base Plan - The base plan you've chosen
  • Add Ons - Any add ons you have purchased, such as server usage or occasionally further storage options

Then the option to either:


  • Submit - Clicking this will take you to the next screen to verify the plan change and any charges
  • Cancel - Will cancel any changes you're attempting to make



Billing Information

This section gives you a quick break down of your current plan and billing information. It includes these sections:


  • Account Status - The status of your current account
    • Status - Typically this will indicate whether the account is Active or Suspended
    • Balance - This will show if there is any balance due on the account
  • Next Renewal - Provides information regarding your next renewal
    • Period - Indicates what plan period you're on, such as Monthly, Annual, or Biennial
    • Date - The date of your next renewal
    • Amount - How much your next renewal will be
    • Payment Type - The type and last four digits of the credit card on the account
      • Change - Clicking (change) takes you to the Change Payment Information section
  • Number of GB - Indicates the base plan you are on
    • Total price for # of base plan - Shows you the price break down for the base plan
  • Add Ons - Indicates the add ons for your plan
    • Total price for add ons - The price break down for your add ons



Billing History

The Billing History section gives you a run down of all recent charges. It includes these options:


  • Export to Excel (CSV) - Exports the list of charges to a CSV spreadsheet
  • Date - The date of the charge (this is clickable and loads a detailed invoice)
  • Amount - The amount of that invoice/bill
  • Total Paid - The amount paid
  • Balance Due - If any amount remains unpaid it will show here



Change Payment Information

This is where you can go to change the credit card on the account. It's pretty self-explanatory, and it will show you a few details about your account. You can change your billing information by checking the Modify Credit Card button.




Download the MozyPro Client

This section is where you can go to download the software for backups, Sync, and for other things in the account.


  • Backup Clients - Links for the backup software installs
    • Windows - Links for Windows Clients
      • The most recent Windows client, or the approved version by your Admin will show here
      • Details - Provides more information on that download
      • Other Releases - Takes you to links for previous or upcoming versions available for download
      • Other - Windows Crypto Utility - Links you to the Crypto Utility for decrypting custom-encrypted restored files
    • Mac - Links to the Mac software installs
      • The most recent Mac client, or the approved version by your Admin will show as the top link
      • The latest version for the older Mac operating systems will be linked below
      • Details - Provides more information on that download
      • Other Releases - Takes you to links for previous or upcoming versions available for download
    • Linux - Downloads for different versions of Linux will be listed below
      • Details - Provides more information on that download
      • Other Releases - Takes you to links for previous or upcoming versions available for download
  • Sync Clients - Downloads for the Sync Clients for either Windows or Mac
  • Mobile App - Links to where you can download apps for iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire

 Check back later this week for another section of the Admin Console.


Have any ideas for future posts? Questions? Concerns? Leave them in the comments below...

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@angelag - Another awesome post Angie! Thanks!

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Billing always seem to be tricky for some people and I think this well written blog sums it up very well!


Thanks Angela!

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