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New from the Blog: Tour of your MozyHome Account
Join us for Part 1 and 2 in our series where we provide a detailed tour of the MozyHome account settings.

May's Webinar: How long does my data stay on Mozy servers?
This months webinar on 05/31 will look at the recent changes to the Mozy retention policies which gives users access to older versions of files for longer. Register today!

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A Detailed Tour of the Mozy Settings on Windows - Part 3

Today, in the last installment of the Mozy Windows Settings tour, we're talking about the History tab and the Restore tab. If you missed it, or if you need help accessing the settings, check out Part 1 and Part 2 to read up on the rest of the tabs in the Windows settings.




The History Tab

The History Tab is the best place to check for information on how your backups are happening and the details of your recent backups and what files were uploaded/removed/etc.




The Top Panel

The top panel in the History tab lists details of all the recent backups. Here are the columns and what they can tell you:


  • Start Time: The time the backup started
  • Type: Tells you whether it was a Local backup, Automatic backup, Scheduled backup, Manual backup, etc.
  • Duration: Tells you the length of the backup
  • Result: Tells you whether the backup was a Success or not, and if not what the error message received was (which will be a clickable link that can take you to the online documentation regarding that specific error)
  • Files: The number of files uploaded
  • Size: How large the backup was
  • Files Encoded: How many files were encoded
  • Size Encoded: The size of the files encoded combined
  • Files Transferred: The size of the files actually uploaded after encoding
  • Size Transferred: The size of the files transferred during that specific backup



The Bottom Panel

The bottom panel gives you more details on individual backups. To make it show files, click on the Start Time of the backup you wish to see details for. That selects it, and loads the file details down below. Here are the columns and what they tell you regarding that as well.


  • File: The name of the file that was changed during the backup
  • Path: The file path/location of the file in your system
  • Patch Size: The size of the file patch that was uploaded
  • Encoding Time: How long it took to encode the patch
  • Transfer time: How long it took to transfer/upload the patch
  • Transfer Rate: The speed with with the file was uploaded
  • Other Details: Any specific details regarding the files-if there was a problem with the file it'll be reported here, or if it shows Removed (restorable for XX days) it means it was marked for deletion during this backup and it lists your data retention time on the file

Clear History

If you click Clear History in the bottom right-hand corner of the History tab, it will wipe out all of the details for recent backups in in the history tab.




The Restore Tab

The Restore tab is where you can start an in-client restore. For more information on how to do an In-Client Restore, and best practices on In-Client Restores, see: Best Practices for Mozy In-Client Restores


 Here is a brief rundown of options you can see in the Restore Tab:


  • Search For/Search: Where you can look for a specific file name to restore
  • Search Latest Version: Searches and shows the files available as of the very last backup that ran on the machine
  • Search by Date: Allows you to change the date (with the drop down calendar and time options to the right) to search or show details from a specific backup date and time
  • Destination Folder/Browse: This allows you to choose a location to save your restored files to
  • Overwrite existing files: Overwrites any files with the same name as the file you're restoring in the location you've chosen
  • Rename copy if original file exists: Allows the system to rename the file as it saves it so both copies of the file can be kept in that destination folder
  • Restore Files: The button you press to start a restore
  • VSS Restore (Only available in some setups): The button you use for VSS restores for any files or backup sets you set up to backup specifically through VSS

To catch the rest of this series:


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@angelag - Awesome job!

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