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MozyPro and "Disappearing Laptops"

We maintain about 130 laptops with MozyPro on them and all is fine for the most part. However, in the past month or so, two of the laptops have "disappeared" from Mozy. Other than manually deleting a laptop via the Admin panels, is there any other way a device could be removed? I have the rights to do so, as well as a few (5) others. Could a laptop user accidently delete themselves from the "system"? I didn't think that they could. 

The two that have "disappeared" were being backed up on a regular basis, but then all traces of them were gone. If I query the names, they can not be found...so all previous backups are gone.


So, the only I question I have is...in what ways can a device be deleted?

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Re: MozyPro and "Disappearing Laptops"

Hi there,



Was the device deleted or the user? If the device was deleted and the user remained there are a couple ways that could be done.


A replace machine may have occurred which removes the old machine from the system.


The machine was deleted.


Both of these ways do require someone to have been logged into the admin console and have rights to do so. Can you provide me with usernames or machine names so I can search for them?


Thank you,

Carl Cochran
Mozy L2 Support Engineer

Re: MozyPro and "Disappearing Laptops"

Sorry for replying so late...Mozy Admin is a secondary "job" and I have busy elsewhere. This is kind of a moot point at this time as our Service Desk did re-install MozyPro on the laptops that "lost" it. Our Service Desk personnel are secondary Admins also and I'm thinking that one of them, who is somewhat new to Mozy, may have accidently deleted a machine instead of a re-activation. Since this happened a while ago and things are good now, I'm going to accept this as a solution. Hopefully, we have seen the last of these.