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Mass account update

We remotely deployed Mozy to ~15,000 machines using SCCM 2012. Given our company's infrastructure, the majority of our computers are in client owned locations, so we're utilizing their networks.


To protect against bandwidth overutilization, we created a throttled configuration so the computer's full backup set would populate over time to their Mozy account.


Given some of these backup sets are very large, they've been taking weeks to complete. So, I created another configuration that locks the throttle at a higher value, which should speed the backups to completion.


Since we're still deploying via SCCM, I would rather not change the existing "remote" configuration's throttling settings, and I've been moving them one at a time to the user group using that configuration.


The ability to select multiple accounts at a time, click a drop down and pick a user group to apply to them would significantly benefit us as we're having to move hundreds of accounts by hand.


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Re: Mass account update

@augustin-chris Thanks for your post, and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately there is not a mass update/ selection for mass moves to one user group to another / client configurations. At this time it has to be done one by one. I can see how this could be helpful and how this could save time. I will submit this as a enhancement request, I can see how this can be useful and to save time. Enhancement requests have no guarantee of making it into the product.  We look at any bug fixes that need to be implemented then look at the enhancement requests made and see what we can put in. However if the feature gets added there is no way of giving you an ETA as we do not know what features are going to be added with each version until just before release.



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