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In need of Advanced use statistics

We are in need of advanced use statistics for our account. 

Using Mozy with a 4TB NAS and there seems to be no way to monitor data and request statistics.


We need to evaluate our bandwidth and storage costs for Mozy.


Is there a way to see:


PUT,COPY,POST,LIST,GET and Other Request counts.
Data in (MB,GB,TB) Transferred IN / OUT


If this is not readily available, is there an API we can tap into to produce these reports.


Thank you,




Re: In need of Advanced use statistics



Mozy has some reporting tools that may be of help to you.  Here is a link with general information about our reporting tool.

Here is a link to our documentation about our graphs and reports which has more detailed information about our graphs and reports which may be enough information about the backups data usage that  you're looking for.


Please post any questions or comments.


Thank you,

Mozy Support
Community Manager

Re: In need of Advanced use statistics

Hi @Ace_Flow,


Did you find the information that Jared provided useful? If what you want exactly isn't something offered there in the reporting, please take a moment to leave a feature enhancement request in our Idea Exchange so we can get the developers looking into options for further reporting.

Angela G.
Community Moderator/Technical Support
Community Manager

Re: In need of Advanced use statistics

For reference, @Ace_Flow has posted this suggestion in our Idea Exchange which can be found in the link below:


Advanced reporting


Since this suggestion is being discussed in the Idea Exchange, I am going to mark this particular thread as resolved and continue the updates in the exchange thread instead. 

Shawn L.
Community Manager