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Client Configuration Change Question (MozyPro)

Hello, I inherited an implementation of MozyPro and found that we had some issues getting backups to capture items on new or reimaged systems. A co-worker worked with support last week, and it was determined that we needed to review and change our backup sets under Client Configuration to correct the issue.


During that call, a suggestion was made to add search criteria for certain backup items (Word Processing, etc) to address the issue on call. The %ALLDRIVES% variable was entered, and I noticed that the customer's storage usage shot up over 400GB over the weekend. We're currently determining if we accidentally captured too much with this while we review the changes we need to make to our backup set configuration.


The question I haven't been able to find an answer to: If we inadvertently backed up data that is not needed per client with the %ALLDRIVES% variable (ie: attached USB drives, network drives), will that data be flushed from the backup when the client configuration is changed to not target the drives/data? Or will we need to perform other steps to lower the size of a client's backup?

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Re: Client Configuration Change Question (MozyPro)

Hi @dchitwood,


Depending on the other rules you have in place along with that variable, adding the %ALLDRIVES% variable could have definitely caused it to jump in storage.


If you adjust your Client Configuration now, and essentially tell it to backup less, Mozy will pull the new configuration down to the client in question when it starts the next backup (the Client Configuration and the backup set does need to be marked to "lock" it in order to automatically push down). At that time, Mozy will see the changes made, and mark any files previously backed up that are no longer selected to backup within that configuration for deletion. Mozy will hold onto those files in your account (in case you need to restore them) for the data retention period related to your account, but they will not affect your quota/usage limits during that time. After the data retention period those deleted files will be permanently removed from the account.


If the additional usage did not affect what you have purchased on the account, no further steps are required. However, if more space was automatically added to the account via Autogrow (which does appear to be enabled on your account), and you don't want to keep those extra resources, you will want to take steps to return unused resources in your account via the Change Plan section in the left hand menu under the Resources header.


Please let us know if there is anything further we can assist you with, or if you have any other questions or concerns.


Angela G.
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Re: Client Configuration Change Question (MozyPro)

Thanks for the reply, Angela. That is the scenario I was hoping for!

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Re: Client Configuration Change Question (MozyPro)

@dchitwood -  Please let us know if we can be of assistance in the future. Thank you for using the Mozy forum!


Have a great day!

Shawn L.
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