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Admin Roles Disappeared

We've used MozyPro for years for file-level backup at our clients. Today, one of our administrative staff logged in to check backup status, and she could see nothing in the console. I had one of our engineers log in, and he couldn't see anything either. I logged in and everything looked fine. Come to find out, all the Roles, except the "Reseller Root" role had disappeared, so the other admins had no Capabilities to do anything in the system.


I called MozyPro support to find out if we could get the roles back. He said the only option was to recreate them from scratch, and that we had to do it. I explained that I didn't know which capabilities were part of the old roles, or what they were called or anything, and asked if he could send me a list. He said no, because we must have created them. I said we didn't. They were there when we signed up as a reseller. He said that someone here must have deleted the roles, at which point I got very aggrivated, walked out into the middle of our small office and asked loudly if anyone had done it. Of course, no one had.


Has this ever happened to anyone else using MozyPro, and do you have a list of your pre-built roles and capabilities?


Re: Admin Roles Disappeared

I'm sorry to hear about your experiences with this! I see that you have roles currently setup, but if you would like more support with this I would advise contacting our sales team! Here is some info on how to do so:

~Mozy Support

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Re: Admin Roles Disappeared



Are you still having trouble with sub admin roles? We haven't heard from you since your initial post.


Please post any questions or comments.


Thank you,

Mozy Support

Re: Admin Roles Disappeared



We have not heard from you recently. I just wanted to check in to see if you are comfortable with the information presented above and if you have any other questions. We will be marking this thread as Resolved shortly.





Mozy Support

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Re: Admin Roles Disappeared

Hi @BPS,


I know you've been working with this with support, so we're going to go ahead and close out the thread for now. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to continue working through your support case, or let us know.

Angela G.
Community Moderator/Technical Support
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