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Add Storage Problem: Change Button Not Available



I'm trying to add storage to an existing machine using the Admin console but can't get it to work.


Using Mozy Tutorial: How to increase storage for a user's computer, which says:


  1. Click Search/List Machines on the left side of the Admin Console.
  2. A list of computers associated with that email address appears.
  3. Next to the computer you want to add resources to, click Change under the section Space Used.
  4. Enter the new total amount you want assigned to that computer.
  5. Click Submit.

PROBLEM is there is NO Change Button!  I've attached a Screenshot.


What am I doing wrong?  Where's the Change Button?


Thanks, Jason

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Re: Add Storage Problem: Change Button Not Available



Your computers don't show the option to increase storage by machine because they are all set to share whatever storage is available in the account. As long as you have enough total storage available to your account, none of your computers will report a quota shortage. By the same token, if any machine's backup would cause total account usage to go above purchased resources, that machine's backup would report an Account Error 3.


As an example, let's say you have 2 machines and 10 GB of free space.


When machine A goes to perform its backup and has a single 15 GB file that it would like to upload, it will fail with an AccountError3.


When machine B goes to perform its backup and has 9 GBs of new files and file changes to upload, its backup will succeed, leaving 1 GB of free space to all other machines.


If you would like to set specific limits on the quota for any of your machines, that can be done by selecting the user in the admin console and clicking on "set" in the column labeled "Device Storage Limit".